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  1. Numbfingers

    Champion 736A

    Some things to check: Have you verified park brake is actually releasing? Hydraulic pressure low? Just guessing here based off recent work on a 740A. I think park brake is on the driveshaft. Fail light is probably powered by voltage coming through a pressure switch in the brake circuit. That...
  2. Numbfingers

    Bobcat 543 questions

    Go to tradebit.com. you can download it for about $15 Verify your serial number falls in the range of the manual before you buy.
  3. Numbfingers

    What do you like/dislike about your job?

    Lol! Wet cold days do suck for sure! Makes my tolerance level drop real low on those days. But I guess even on cold wet days you gotta deal with some belligerent shitty customers buying parts that test your patience. Every job got its highs and lows..
  4. Numbfingers

    What do you like/dislike about your job?

    I really enjoy working for myself and by myself. I dont miss managing other people and the headaches that go with it. I like making my good customers happy, and having the ability to choose who I want to do business with.
  5. Numbfingers

    What do you like/dislike about your job?

    I consider what I do a paid hobby. Not everything is rosey but I enjoy almost every bit of it.
  6. Numbfingers

    How far can an excavator be driven

    We walked an old CAT 225 and a older Komatsu dozer out of a mine 34 miles to the road a few years ago. Nothing bleeding oil when we were done.
  7. Numbfingers

    CAT 299D won't move

    You can get the codes through the monitor. Can't recall exactly how but I think you hold down two arrow buttons at the same time.
  8. Numbfingers

    Going Mobile

    One other thing that crossed my mind about having that other truck out there. Having another truck out there with your business name on the side helps a lot. I have a website for my business but have only gained one customer from it. I'm not in the phone book. However, I have been approached...
  9. Numbfingers

    Going Mobile

    I started out with a 2500 Ram. Took my long bed off and installed a cheap utility bed. Once I was loaded up with a wheelbarrow compressor, generator, and tools, my truck was sagging. Added air bags and then mount bolts started popping. Those utility beds weigh a lot. Took that off and put...
  10. Numbfingers

    279D Skid Steer

    Just fixed the AC for one of my customer's 299D the other day. Heat valve was stuck on. Ac just couldn't overcome the heat output of the heater core once warmed up. Make sure hot coolant is not flowing through there.
  11. Numbfingers

    Case TCH fluid alternative??

    Compare the specs of the TCH against Chevron THF 1000, or MobileDTE 424 and see if they're close.
  12. Numbfingers

    GENIE GTH-1056 transmission

    Go to genielift.com and download the manual for it. It's free.
  13. Numbfingers

    genie 1056 stalls

    Like Marshall said, you can download the manual from Genie. The electrical schematics will be in there as well as the specs for the coolant temp sensor.
  14. Numbfingers

    genie 1056 stalls

    Check the radiator fins on the fan side. Had one last year overheating because of all the crap caked onto the radiator fins. If you have an infrared temp gun you should verify it's actually getting hot enough to be shut down. Might be getting a false reading from the overtemp safety switch if...
  15. Numbfingers

    Installing floating seals

    Not to revive an old thread but this one just saved me a few hundred bucks by not buying a gold plated installer from CAT. Thank you Willie, and thanks to Nige for the good explanation of the duo cone concept. I used a glazing knife/wedge thing instead of screwdrivers though.