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Recent content by mudnducs

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    Metal building / pole barn owners group...

    Does anyone know of a website dedicated to pole barns/metal buildings that's not just a sales site? I live in far east Tennessee. Had an order in for one to be made from an outfit in Colorado....things went downhill as delivery kept slipping. So I'm looking for a "user/owner" group to see...
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    JD 450 dozer towing

    Did it roll
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    How interchangeable are pins and bushes?

    IMO: I see no reason a local machinist cant make them out of 4340. Bring him your old pin and he'll make you a new one. They can be hardened if you wish, or you can buy pre-hardened 4340 and the machinist can simply machine that. Material costs are just outrageous these days. America needs to...
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    Accessory vendors?

    Thanks Gents!
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    Pics of your mini!

    Tyler...love your shop! Trying to get mine built so I can put in mill, lathe, surface grinder etc.
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    Accessory vendors?

    Gents Ive been looking for a smaller digging bucket (16-20"range), a stump-puller /root ripper, and a wider plain/grading bucket (with no teeth) for a KX080. Where do you guys buy this stuff? Do you go to OEM?
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    Pics of your mini!

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    Pics of your mini!

    Why did the pictures stop?
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    Yanmar B50 - Steel vs Rubber Tracks

    Sounds good to me Brian. It makes sense to me if you often run on pavement. My first excavator had steel tracks...just bought one that has rubber. I'm strictly a back yard hack, not a pro by a country mile, so never run on pavement. I like steel tracks better for dirt. <beer>
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    Cutting windmill blades

    just noticed the dates.....duh. How did the job turn out?
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    Cutting windmill blades

    1)You might talk to the OEM (blade manufacturer) and ask them how they would part them into sections. 2)The engineering staff of the company that's tearing these units out may also have some ideas on destroying them. 3)Ship yards use some very high pressure water blasting equipment that...
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    Tall brick building ideas?

    Itll be a learning experience to see how you do this. :)
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    Bobcat 442 High Oil Pressure

    I had a 442 in Oregon for 6 years....loved it. ONLY problem it ever gave me was the oil pressure warning. Checked with manual gage as you did, no problems, same apparent high pressure. I never found a pressure spec, but ran under the assumption that higher pressure is better than lower...
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    KX080-4 thumb control

    Got it. Wound up having the bleed off pressure from the cylinder and from the pump. Must be getting old and weak. Thanks for the input gents.
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    KX080-4 thumb control

    Yes.. like that. Dixon 4HTF6-5000. So far I cant budge it. None of the pressure relieving instructions in the operators manual seem to work. I may just slowly unscrew the coupling to bleed off pressure. Thanks for the input assist gents. <thumbsup>