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Recent content by mikebramel

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    L785 Hdy Motor Rebuild

    Send pic of the motor and what problems you are having
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    L785 Hdy Motor Rebuild

    Cessna piston motor?
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    Need a grease gun and grease recommendation.

    I think Cat gp grease is less than $5/tube .... so not much more than Walmart lol
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    MTL Attachments- not a good experience...

    The one on the left looks like a radial piston motor and the one on the right looks like a Char Lynn esq motor. They both could be similar displacement
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    https://www.kbctools.com/itemdetail/1-842-250 https://www.kbctools.com/itemdetail/1-842-300 https://www.kbctools.com/itemdetail/1-842-301
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    Komatsu excavator no hydraulics

    Thats a good thought. Other option maybe key was left on.... is the lockout coil burnt out and open winding
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    John Deere 110 backhoe advice

    Buy a Yanmar CBL
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    I won a Skid Steer at an auction but have just discovered the meter has been tampered with badly.

    The meter reading is for the most part just a number and used by buyers to assume the machine is still in good shape/ life left in it. A machine with 10,000 hours on it could be just as reliable as one with 2,000. The real difference is going to be on the hammer price
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    Terex TL842C Hydraulic Info

    Yes if you run the margin pressure in (small adjustment) it will act as a PC pump
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    Terex TL842C Hydraulic Info

    From what I remember DR control is pressure comp. DFR is load sensing. DFLR is load sensing w hp control. Are you sure it is a problem with the pump and not a leak downstream causing the pump to load/ unload. They are very reliable.... but maybe that is why it was parked
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    Terex TL842C Hydraulic Info

    Should be easy for you to get pump parts. What is the signal pressure when you're trying to lower the boom
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    Yanmar VIO 55 Blade drop

    Sounds like the swivel joint
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    Wiper gland trouble Case 580C

    How much of a squeeze is there. Wiper might not be for the groove you have
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    Oil for 580L