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Recent content by Madmark73

  1. Madmark73

    Big loads or large tow truck Pictures-earthmoving

    That's one hell of a tow truck!
  2. Madmark73

    Mining Gear Pics

    Sorry mate, can't find the details on the Dragline, will keep looking
  3. Madmark73

    Nothing but D11's

    D11 with stretched chassis to suit a 1450 hp 3512 engine. Extra D8 coolers and fan mounted on roof
  4. Madmark73

    dumb question

    Would love a copy if possible mate? Komar6973@gmail.com Thanks for your info!
  5. Madmark73

    dumb question

    Thanks mate!
  6. Madmark73

    Sandvik underground mining models

    Anyone else got some different Die cast models?
  7. Madmark73

    Aussie Kenworth T908

    Saw the drake guys at the mine expo in Sydney late last year.. They have some awesome gear
  8. Madmark73


    New 854 in 2006
  9. Madmark73

    Some of my models.

    Looks great mate