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Recent content by lumberjack

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    Cat 312 extra counter weight

    Why water jet a counterweight? A table with plasma or oxy is completely sufficient and substantially cheaper. Adding counterweight is a simple see-saw equation. If the bucket is 25’ from the pivot, the counterweight is 5’, then every 5lb of counterweight adds 1lb of bucket capacity, all...
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    For Sale: Topcon Hiper SR Base/Rover Setup

    Still available, $10k firm.
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    Shut down for month's due to heavy rain...

    I’m a couple hours west of CM... I plan on not working November till the end of Feb, there’s always some work to do but it’s less stressful year round to budget that way. This year we had 10” of rain per month for the first 4 months, May was around half that, and June seems wetter than May. My...
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    Creating a Topo map without a total station

    I wanted to do something similar on a ~9 acre field. I ended up buying a GPS system to do it. If you could find someone with a gps and the site can see the sky, they could knock out what you need in 30 minutes. Using an automatic feature on my gps and the rover mounted to my truck, it auto...
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    New or Overhauled Engine break-in

    Of the millions of used machines that have been sold, have you ever seen an ad having anything related to how the engine was broken in? Fire it up, watch the gauges, and put it to work.
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    Lift Axle Operation on Triaxle

    Get a load and go play on a scale, see what does what, and take notes. When I’m helping my excavator on the truck I have my tag at 40psi. If I have a heavier load or rear heavy load I’ll bump the pressure as required. Fully loaded I can crank the pressure up all the way and not overload my...
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    Extended Warranty ?

    Extended warranties are a great profit maker.
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    What is gross machine weight?

    The ROPS is certified for the machine weighing up to the listed amount.
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    Doosan DX140 LC vs Deere 330C LC

    100 acres of stumps will almost assuredly cost more than $40k. FWIW, I'm in Columbus, MS. Just noticed you're in Bama.
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    Doosan DX140 LC vs Deere 330C LC

    $40k budget and 100 acres of stumps favors an excavator in my opinion. We started as a stump grinding service 22 years ago (primarily do tree work now/primarily only ground my own stumps now).
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    Bucket and hydraulic thumb coordination

    On my previous 121-3 and current 57-4, I’ve never worried about pushing the thumb in with the bucket, never had a problem, and never expect to have a problem. Coming on 1500 hours between the pair, primarily doing tree work.
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    Sanity check- Track noise?

    Probably worth making a video so others can hear what you’re hearing.
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    Doosan DX140 LC vs Deere 330C LC

    You can swap hoses switching sides/circuits between final drives (left handle to right track and vice verse). If the problem switches sides you know it’s not the final drive.
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    Doosan DX140 LC vs Deere 330C LC

    Both of those times are a good bit longer than I’d expect.
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    Doosan DX140 LC vs Deere 330C LC

    Assuming it’s in reasonable shape, the 330 is an easy choice between those two.