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    Mikasa MT74F?? Quality?

    Looking for a jumping jack compactor. Came across a Mikasa MT74F that is pretty close that I'm going to go take a look at. Was wondering if anyone has experience with one one these and the quality and reliability is? Going to be my first jumping jack compactor and have only used Wacker...
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    FS - 1980 John Deere 350-C Dozer - Rebuilt Engine / Clutch - San Diego, CA - $10,900

    1980 John Deere 350C Bulldozer For Sale Locally: $10,900 - Call 732-882-2291 For sale is a 1980 John Deere 350C Dozer. It has a 6 way blade, aux rippers and forward ROP supports. This dozer has been on an 8 acre estate in Rancho Santa Fe, CA (San Diego). It's main duties have been to clear out...
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    1980 John Deere 350-C Dozer - Rebuilt Engine / Clutch - San Diego,CA

    For sale is a 1980 John Deere 350-C Dozer located in Rancho Santa Fe, California where it has been used on a private 8 acre piece of property (not construction). Starts right up and runs good. The engine was completely rebuilt approx 200 hours ago along with a new clutch. It has a 6 way blade...
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    1980 John Deere 350C Dozer

    Rancho Santa Fe, CA The dozer is located in Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego), California.
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    1980 John Deere 350C Dozer

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    1980 John Deere 350C Dozer

    Hi all, I don't frequent this site that often but have to say that when I do come on here it has been a wealth of info. Thanks in advance! I'll preficite the following paragraphs with the info that I am looking for what a realistic selling price would be. The dozer is in great shape and works...
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    2004 CAT 277 Skid Steer - 80HP - 1990hrs - $10K+ attachements - New Jersey - $39,990

    2004 CAT 277 Multi Terrain Loader Call 732-882-2291 - Only $39,990 with all attachments. This is a great 2004 Caterpillar 277 Skidsteer loader with only 1990 TRUE hours (may slightly increase due to use). This 277 was bought new for a horse farm from the dealer in 2004 along with all of the...
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    Thomas PROTOUGH 2200 Skid Steer - Kubota 87HP-2200lbs-1800 hrs-San Diego-$9300

    For sale, very nice 2000 Thomas PROTOUGH 2200 Skid Steer with only 1800 (may slightly increase). This is used around our home, not a rental, or construction site, machine. It has not been repainted to hide anything. What you see is what you get! It works great, and gets the job done easily...
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    Cat 277 - Fuel Issues, not starting - Pic attached - Please help :)

    Thanks, good idea I'll pick one up at Autozone today. I'm dumbfounded why I dont have the second filter there like it should be.
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    Cat 277 - Fuel Issues, not starting - Pic attached - Please help :)

    WOOHOO! Thanks a ton. So I took of line #1 blew into it and it was pretty hard to blow into, kept going and then started to hear the air and bubbles. stopped blow and fuel came pouring out. Shoved it back onto the fitting, tightened up the clamp and stated it up. Sounds great, runs great, no...
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    Cat 277 - Fuel Issues, not starting - Pic attached - Please help :)

    Hi, thanks for the response. We are the original owners of the machine so I don't think anyone ever removed the second filter. Should it have been in that picture that I posted and is just missing? I tired to "start" turn over the engine a few times and did try the primer as it mentioned...
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    Cat 277 - Fuel Issues, not starting - Pic attached - Please help :)

    Hi all, I am having a very tough time with my Cat 277. It was running great up until the other day when I tried to get it going in the cold. Had some problems getting it going and then it just didn't want to run right. It seemed like the engine was not getting enough fuel as even when I pushed...
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    Cat 287

    Have a CAT 277, thing is awesome. Have driven the bobcats and feel much more comfortable in the CAT.
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    price per hour cat 277

    Just did some repairs on my 277. Thing is a bloody fortune once you start messing up any part of the tracks. Your price seems really fair.