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    paccar or cummings

    Our company owns 3 trucks. 2 roll off trucks, 1 is a MX13 and the other ISX15. We also run a tri axle dump truck with a ISX15. The Cummins motors have a little over 140,000 miles on the and the Paccar just has 80,000 on it. All 3 are 18 speed eaton fuller transmissions. I would not buy a...
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    My "Office"

    Nice ride !!
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    Takeuchi TL130 Cranks Slow

    I agree with popsiclepete. I would first check all grounds.
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    Trying to decide whether Skid Steer stays or goes.

    Doesn't cost you anything if it sits a home a few days here and there.
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    Replacing Fuel Filters

    Filling the filter before install would help but you will still need to get the air out by loosening the screw and hand priming the system.
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    Anybody got any cool demolition jobs going on right now?

    We used a John Deere 350 with an H&H hydraulic thumb. It only took a few hours to level the house but we were on site for a little over a week. We only have 1 roll off truck to carry garbage and 1 dump truck to haul concrete.
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    Anybody got any cool demolition jobs going on right now?

    The house was a little over 100 years old. We saved a few skids of the exterior brick and scrolled mouldings. There are developing the area and put a Lowes in behind it. Someone is supposed to take all the stuff we saved and build a gazebo out of it. I will be interesting to see what they come...
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    Az/Dz driver needed

    Local demolition company in Hamilton, Ontario is looking for qualified individual for roll off truck. This is a full time year round position. Must have minimum 5 years experience with a roll off truck. Must be energetic, enthusiastic and punctual. Must have clean CVOR and Abstract. Please DM...
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    John Deere 310 SJ Parts Price

    Unfortunately we do not have much in the way of heavy equipment salvage yards here. That I know of.
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    John Deere 310 SJ Parts Price

    I just had to replace the safety unlock switch for a 310 backhoe. I couldn't believe it when I went to our Nortrax dealer that a 3 position safety switch was $175. Is anyone else experiencing this ridiculous amount of mark up on there parts?
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    Anybody got any cool demolition jobs going on right now?

    Here are some pictures of an old Victorian style house we took down last winter.