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  1. KW318

    Cats moving 500,000 lb oak

    Makes me proud to be an American!
  2. KW318

    Giants Stadium Demolition Complete **video**

    It's an amazing thing when someone finds exactly what to do with the gifts given to them. Your work keeps getting better with each project. Thanks Stephen for sharing this with us!
  3. KW318

    railroad crane

    YES!!! - Train / Crane Porn Thanks
  4. KW318

    Working the burn pile

    I'm looking for some new toys, do you think your Dad would be interested in adopting another big overgrown kid? :falldownlaugh I'd even put in a buddy seat just for him :beerchug, I'll bet he'd love that! It would also keep him from getting runned over. Let me know if he's interested...
  5. KW318

    Show us your Big Rig Wreckers! (I know they are out there working hard everyday)

    Sheese - that's embarrassing, but for a screw-up at least it's symmetrical, and NOPE you can't fix stupid! :beatsme Thanks again
  6. KW318

    Show us your Big Rig Wreckers! (I know they are out there working hard everyday)

    Could you explain the 1st photo? Thanks
  7. KW318

    Liebherr 9250 arrived in NEPA

    Watching that H185S is poetry in motion, operator is smooth, no wasted movement, gentle on the machine and I don't think he spilled a teaspoon. Always great to watch - Thanks again Justin
  8. KW318

    Single axle tractor and lowboy

    I agree that common sense is not as common as it should be. I also appreciate your response to my post, and that it was received in the spirit that I intended it. Best of luck to you!
  9. KW318

    Single axle tractor and lowboy

    If you're gonna run low boy - get a tandem and do it right, with a margin of safety - not using every ounce of capacity. It could also lead to more opportunity for hauling. If you think that flying under the DOT radar is the road to success, have a catastrophic accident and you may find...
  10. KW318

    10N at work

    I always appreciate Miningpower's posts, he gets into places that most of us could never see. Like the guts of a large shovel or dragline (DL :rolleyes:), and his camera work is top notch. It's obvious from the dialog in his videos that he has built some good relationships with operators, and...
  11. KW318

    Bulldog Titan with 605 Horses Ready for Work

    American Loggers to visit the Mack plant on 4/2/10 The preview tonight (3/26/10) for next weeks American Logger (4/2/10) will have a story about the Pelletier's going to the Mack factory, to see their new Titan being built.
  12. KW318

    Murray 9 axle

    Your guys did a great job, I wonder how many lbs of rod was burnt? The welding was a work of art. Thanks again
  13. KW318

    Hallamore's Terex CC2800-1 with SuperLift

    They used to be at the BIG E, not sure if they still do that fair, pretty sure they still do the Topsfield Fair. I've been down South for a few years - are they still a Mack fleet?
  14. KW318

    Hallamore's Terex CC2800-1 with SuperLift

    Thanks Stephen, again tremendous photos! Not to hijack this thread, but I would like to add some info / photos about Hallamore and their Clydesdale's, seeing this team up close and in person makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. It's the biggest 8 hp rig I've ever seen...
  15. KW318

    Rock protection

    We have used 2 layers of 3/4" plywood, it wore pretty well, and as holes started to wear we didn't lose whole sections of boards, just layers of the ply's. They were bolted down using large fender washers. They proved to be very durable, and replacement was easy. The layout of the sheets kept...