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    Junkyard's work thread.....maybe haha

    A good sawzall with a Milwaukee Diablo blade would turn that pin into three pieces pretty quick. Then just knock the stuck piece out. An hr or two of saved labor will pay for a new pin pretty quick. If I couldn’t get that pin out fairly quickly I’d escalate things pretty quickly. Another...
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    Grove Crane RT745

    Dealer will be about the only one who will know for sure. Just going by that serial number it’s probably 95-96. The first two numbers correspond to the year.
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    Trees, Trees, and More Trees

    Kinda confused, is the voltage off on can low. The only thing between can high and can low is your 60 ohm resistors. If you have a short to voltage or short to ground on either line it will affect both. Also it’s not super difficult to unplug nodes off the circuit one at a time to find you...
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    Outriggers are stuck

    The only similar problem I’ve seen was on a grove. Not sure if a linkbelt would be wired the same, but it had an o/r activate solenoid. The activate solenoid got juice on extend and retract. To do that it has to run through diodes from the directional control switch. The diode from the retract...
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    Grove Hydraulic Body

    Do you have the part #
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    Grove Hydraulic Body

    Grove should have one. It’s most likely a Parker valve but it’ll be a captured part meaning you can only buy it from grove. I don’t know who your grove dealer would be. But I’ll bet you that valve is on a shelf in their warehouse. call your dealer with the model and serial #’s. It’ll be...
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    Recommendations for "New" Used Crane

    May not be case but I bet the hr meter only has 5 digits. 4 for hrs and one for tenths. That’s how our manitowocs are. 15000 hrs sounds about right for that age.
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    Recommendations for "New" Used Crane

    I thought it looked like a series 60 Detroit which would be about right for the age. To me that looks like a true link-belt(not a rebranded sumitomo) like a lot of the link-belts are. Which I don’t know if that’s good or bad. The Japanese make really good cranes. From the pictures it looks like...
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    Wire Rope Damage

    So your saying the clamps in the last photo are wrong?
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    Need make and model on these cranes

    Well by golly if I couldn’t make it through school, why does he get to? I didn’t even see the other cranes. Maybe I oughta pay closer attention.
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    Need make and model on these cranes

    That crawler looks to be a kobelco 1600 an the tele crawler looks like it could be a mantis 15010.
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    Recommendations for "New" Used Crane

    https://www.cranetrader.com/listing/for-sale/145096087/1998-manitowoc-888-ii-lattice-boom-crawler-cranes This crane has more boom and jib then you need but these guys used to be really good to deal with. Haven’t dealt with them in 5-6 yrs but they’re a dealer so they would probably take your...
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    Recommendations for "New" Used Crane

    The epic controls are manitowoc crawlers. gmk went from eks to ekos. Gmk is now CCS controls. Manitowoc just released a bunch of new crawler models to start phasing out the epic machines. The 9s are still in production but I would guess their yrs are limited.
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    Recommendations for "New" Used Crane

    I would stick with manitowoc due to the Cummins engine. It’s pretty easy to find a Cummins tech if you’re having engine trouble. Another factor to consider is if you buy from someone that only has one 888 or 999 they’re gonna want to sell everything that comes with the crane. If they have 240’...
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    Working the National 1300A

    Guy I know has a few of his own cranes, said he was on a job ready to set an ac unit. Everything was ready to go when the safety lady showed up and asked about his lift plan. His response. “Well, my plan is to lift this here unit onto that there roof. Every time I hear lift plan, I think of him...