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Recent content by KMM4x4

  1. KMM4x4

    Your dozer photos

    Who works at CAT D11R? I would like to look at a bulldozer photo (the engine, a cabin, a running gear).
  2. KMM4x4

    Russian Caterpillar's

    Yes it is the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The Crimea was a part of Russia in 2014. So far with work here affairs not really progress. And the prices of everything are overstated, and low salaries. The Crimea for the present as the region which is cut off from other Russia. Crisis goes also now.
  3. KMM4x4

    Russian Caterpillar's

    I work in Sevastopol city, in construction company mechanic.
  4. KMM4x4

    Russian Caterpillar's

    I am work in construction company mechanic. Have such bulldozers. This T-170 and B-10M.
  5. KMM4x4

    R9800 working and transport pics

    Excellent photos!
  6. KMM4x4

    Caterpillar 18M Grader

    CATERPILLAR 18M very beautiful grader.
  7. KMM4x4

    Weird Grader Applications

    In Russia have graders CATERPILLAR, VOLVO, John Deere, KOMATSU. The best as say graders CATERPILLAR. New graders CATERPILLAR many work in Siberia.
  8. KMM4x4

    Working in Alaska pictures

    Good pics!
  9. KMM4x4

    13 D11's pushing side by side in slots

    D11R good dozer! In Russia have such. Work generally in Siberia.
  10. KMM4x4

    O&k rh200

    Wow! Powerful equipment!
  11. KMM4x4

    Surface mining gear repairs in the Pilbara WA

    Pilbara very beautiful place! Nature there beautiful! Good mining equipment.
  12. KMM4x4

    My Hitachi ex3600

    Thank you! Good equipment!
  13. KMM4x4

    Fiat allis HD-41 fans.

    The bulldozer not bad remained.
  14. KMM4x4

    My Hitachi ex3600

    And you have a photo of this EX1900?
  15. KMM4x4

    Good shots of D355A remains

    I well understand Russian. D355A import bulldozer, most widespread in Russia. He can be met everywhere. I was too a little it I operated. It was pleasant to me. The powerful equipment also copes better than T-170.