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Recent content by Karl Robbers

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    Case CX60 return rollers stuck.

    Thanks for that. I'll give it ago tomorrow.
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    Case CX60 return rollers stuck.

    G'day, I've been asked to help out a friend with a Case CX60C excavator (rubber track variant). This machine has about 130 hours on it and would be maybe 2 years old. He noticed that both top rollers have seized and one has the faintest flat spot, while the other has a little more, suggesting...
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    I find it interesting how different countries have different preferences as far as transmissions in trucks doing effectively the same job. The standard transmision for an Australian semi would be an 18 speed hands down. Thirteen speeds (RT 613) died out with International Accos and Ford...
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    Cat 525 oil light flashing

    It is for helping each other out, but when you have a valuable machine the owners operation manual and parts manual are priceless in their ability to provide accurate information when you need it. That's why CAT provide them with new machines. Look at it this way, $170 spent on a couple of...
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    Flail mower/mulched head question

    I think you may have meant www.berendsen.com.au
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    Caterpillar on road trucks and engines

    Let me declare my Cat experience upfront. My grandfather was a sawmiller and logger, but could never afford the premium for Cat gear, however he praised them and their service to the day he died, I did my apprenticeship under an ex Cat salesman and went on to buy my own Cat dozer (D7C), later...
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    Welded Thumb Plate

    I've had really good results with Polyurethane body sealer. As long as the surfaces are clean, it sticks really well and you can paint over it. Neutral cure silicone would also suffice, but doesn't like paint and is far less durable than the Polyurethane sealants.
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    Caterpillar CX28 coupled with CAT C9 engine...gear shifting issue

    I've been caught that way with a Cat AD 55 truck. Hopefully it may be as simple as setting the hoist in float and all gears shall return.
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    Help welding cast steel

    That is an ugly little sucker from a welding perspective, probably still fixable, but to give yourself a fighting chance you would be best to remove the component from the machine and deal with it on the bench which is no small task. If it were me, I'd look carefully at the one on EBAY as it may...
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    Help welding cast steel

    One caution that must be added is to consider what the worst possible outcome may be in the event of a catastrophic failure in the component. For example, it may be easily possible to do more than the $2500 price for the new boom support in damage to the machine and surrounds plus downtime if...
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    Help welding cast steel

    I'd say you were on the right track with your original approach, however it is possible that there was insufficient pre heat, excessive joint restraint or the cooling rate was too fast. Let's start at the beginning. Cast steel is primarily a reference to the method of forming the component and...
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    Are we really this spoiled

    I think what is even worse is when companies decide that machines must be scrapped even though another buyer offers equal or greater price. One mining contracting company I worked for had the policy that if it is no use to us, then we will destroy it so it is no use to anyone else. Some of the...
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    What to consider with a D6D

    I don't own one and haven't run one, so take my input for what it is worth. I have heard from several sources, one being a logging contractor, one an ex Cat salesman and the other a private dealer, that D6D's had something of an achilles heel in their final drives. This may have been rectified...
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    Different weight oil in finals

    I had this unfortunate experience. Twice. Thankfully it was not a dozer final drive, but a rebuilt Land Rover gearbox. There is a large bronze bushing on the main shaft. Twice this failed due to the gear it carried seizing onto the bush. I cannot quite remember the exact details of how I came...
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    Military vs Commercial track sprockets

    The case for mechanical components forming part of the protection package for the crew is taken even further by the Israeli Merkava MBT. These have the engine, transmission and final drives at the sharp end of the tank, thus offering the ultimate in protection. For a nation with a small...