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Recent content by Jumbo

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    Any brand log trucks

    "Little 6-71?" You must be a young pup. I can remember when half if not more trucks had 6-71s. We thought they were a big engine those days.
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    Vancouver Island, BC. Logging at its Best!

    Thanks, learned something new.
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    Vancouver Island, BC. Logging at its Best!

    Seeing the hydraulic connections for the ramps I assume, where was the pump when being hauled around by a log truck? On the trailer itself? I never thought of it until I saw those bright new hydraulic connectors.
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    Pacific trucks in the logging industy

    Nice load, but I love the slide. I guess the 4 year old just came out in me.
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    History of the Columbia trailer company

    I have heard them called Seattle stakes, just remember my dad telling me "carco" when I was a young lad ! Interestingly, many years back saw them on top of some taller stakes on a gypo off-hiway truck working out of white river weyco Would those have been the Emerik (sp?) trucks?
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    Logging Accidents: And They Walked Away.........

    Your description is what I had assumed. More than anything I was observing the evolution of working in the woods.
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    Logging Accidents: And They Walked Away.........

    It is interesting to note, in the last two postings: Both the snorkel and the truck, have outside equipment brought in the do the lifting. Nobody walked a shovel down to do the recovery. I think these are the first two in this thread where contractor lifting has been used.
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    History of the Columbia trailer company

    I believe those are "carco" stakes, and I think carco also made winches and were the predecessor to paccar You are correct, but they were actually called "Seattle stakes" since Pacific Car and Foundry (later Carco) was headquartered in Seattle. Actually, Renton just South of Seattle.
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    Any brand log trucks

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    BC logging equipment left to rust

    A true connoisseur of shovels should be able to identify the machine underneath all the barnacles.
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    Loaders, Limbers and Roadbuilders.

    We built some excavator to log loader conversions in the late 80s . A good customer we had was importing Hitachis from Japan and we did the hack n slashing on them. I think we did about a dozen machines of various sizes . widened and raised under carriages, raised cabs ,built cabs ,straightened...
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    Skagit Iron and Steel Works, Sedro Wooley, Washington

    50 years ago or so, we used them as a "cushion" so we wouldn't pound steel to steel. When it was foggy and you couldn't see the top of the tower, (or tree) you could still snuggle it up tight. Especially handy on a small landing where space was at a premium.
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    Overload of the Day

    I was wondering after looking at the driver who appears nonplussed at the situation, could this photo be photoshopped? He appears to just be looking at a traffic light or something similar, really relaxed. I'm not sure I'd be so relaxed. Admittedly, it is a gadawful load, but the driver shows...
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    Any brand log trucks

    "camptramp, post: 1098057, member: 37724"]Ed Isacson Photo Gordy Isacson's Malloch & Moseley "clone" M & M Kenworth I will date myself once again; the two worst inventions for trucks were rectangle headlights and door handles down in the right hand corner. I love the look of the round...
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    Apps -that connect people wanting fill, and those that need to get rid of it

    Maple Valley; Girard in Covington might take spoils. Kombol in Black Diamond might take them. Cadman in Black Diamond (Kummer bridge) does takes spoils. I would shy away from any app since you never know who is sponsoring and as other have pointed out an innocent mistake can cost you big bucks...