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Recent content by JNB

  1. JNB

    A few projects I have done recently

    Now that's purdy right there.
  2. JNB

    The "not so heavy equipment" photo thread

    We made a few videos with the 90 last winter. Man, has it really been that long? Anyway, I couldn't send you directly to my channel if I had an internet guide dog, so here's a link to a vid. I'm sure you can find the rest from there. Edit...And there it is right in the post? Wow, technology!
  3. JNB

    The "not so heavy equipment" photo thread

    I hear ya! I just turned 62 last week and need to stretch just to get out of bed. o_O The 90-2 isn't perfect, but it continues to be a great performer. Still on the original tracks at 1680 hours and zero trips to dealer for warranty work. I did knock out the front glass cutting brush under a...
  4. JNB

    The "not so heavy equipment" photo thread

    Well, since I can't really do much complaining about Landclearer slackin on updates or CM's drastic lack of 953 pics without updating my thread a bit...here goes. :) Nothing special to report...we've just been doing like we do. The best part is that my son has been doing a lot more on his own...
  5. JNB

    Just bought a Deere 333E

    I've never had good luck with ag dealers that also service the construction side. It's a bit of a drive for you, but I'd give RDO a call. Everything Deere Const, I see around here has one of their logos on it.
  6. JNB

    A few projects I have done recently

    I hear you on that one. I scored a nice set of '66 farm truck plates awhile back and I've been looking for a suitable truck to put them on. Like I need more projects. :D
  7. JNB

    Can losing weight put you at a higher risk for depression?

    Your body and mind get used to all the processed junk you've been ingesting and they are rebelling. It'll get better. I've lost 30 lbs in the last 60 days with a 40 carb a day max diet. I can once again tie my shoes without getting oxygen deprived. Pretty nice. That said...I had a po'd attitude...
  8. JNB

    289C front idler problem

    You can do a search under my user name, but wimpy drive motors, poorly thought out wire and hose routing leading to blown hoses and random shutdowns...fire, just to name a few. I have a wonderful wife and five children...and getting rid of that machine may still be the single best day of my life.
  9. JNB

    289C front idler problem

    The Prowler idlers and sprockets worked out fine. Wish I could say the same for the case. Thankfully that thing is long gone.
  10. JNB

    2012 New Holland c238

    You're not the first to have a problem with the roller switch. The fix is a nifty new (and overpriced) handle.
  11. JNB

    Just bought a Deere 333E

    I bought a set of Construction Attachment forks from Pinkys that are very well made. I've also purchased a few other things from Pinkys over the last few years and they seem to have decent prices from what I've seen. If you're willing to have stuff shipped, rootgrapple.com has a good reputation...
  12. JNB

    2002 F250 with 7.3 electrical problem

    This was a problem on my oldie but goodie '99. The seal looked fine, but was leaking.
  13. JNB

    New ELD laws

    My wife barrel races and told me there's been quite a lot of discussion on it on facebook. Type in eld laws there and you'll find a bunch of discussion. She has a CDL and we do have a DOT#, but I haven't looked at it much since she's just competing locally.
  14. JNB

    Deere 550J LT for clearing right of way in mesquite

    I'd use a forestry mulcher and process as you go. One step - no burn piles.
  15. JNB

    CASE 440CT Track Tensioner Valve & Grease Zerk

    The original and replacement tensioner zerk on my old TR320 leaked just like you described. I purchased a pack of zerks from Harbor Freight and after a few leakers got one that worked.