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Recent content by JDOFMEMI


    Peterbilt 379 Flat Top lowboy project

    Great looking ride there! Good to see you drop back in and give us an update.

    Epic Tire Tumor

    I had one on an ag tractor do that and I deflated it with the corner bit of a D-8. Push slightly against it and then drop the blade. It sliced like a knife, and the blast was blocked by the blade.

    Throwing away new bolts

    It shows a lot of how a person was raised whether they care enough to save the good parts for later use, or just throw them away and buy new again next time. Those of us raised with very little had to learn from an early age to make do with what we have, while those sporting a silver spoon...

    Anyone use a "Swede" for grade checking.

    What a great tool for things like parking lots! Glad to see you out sharing the SoCal way of doing things.

    big pipe

    I feel for you. I had about 2,000 feet of 48" float out during a freak storm one weekend. The manholes were in, and the pipe rose out at the manhole, then dove back to the next one. What a pain to dig and repair. The GC just said "Sorry" No help there.

    Story of my business, starting from the trunk of my car

    I remember following some of your earliest posts here on HEF, and am happy to hear you are doing well. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to succeed, and it sounds like you are getting it done. Congratulations.

    DEF in hydraulic fluid

    I had it happen on a Dodge pick up, where DEF ended up in the fuel. Of course the driver says "I didn't do it" It is not good for fuel systems I know, to the tune of over $5K in repairs

    Runaway roller

    I was also glad to see he did not catch up. I would have hated to see video of that. I was surprised it stayed on its feet going off the side like it did.

    New dragline

    Nice modern dragline. Most are much older that I have seen.

    Caterpillar Excavator Buckets (D linkage and DB linkage 330c,330d)

    You can use bushings to size the holes down, but they are thin, and prone to break up. You can also bore the holes out larger and use thicker bushings. The ears and spacing are the same, so other than pin size it will work.

    Fatal Dozer Accident

    That is a shame. Let this be a reminder to all to make sure you know where people are at BEFORE moving a machine. Never assume they are out of the way, do a head check to be sure, and don't move until all are accounted for.


    Ouch is right! I too have seen it, both with Cat and Volvo trucks. Never broke a drop box though. It is a good idea to check the bearing for play now and then, and fix it before it is too late. Good luck finding a used case.

    Cooked machines

    I would be leery of doing it. For the right machine, maybe, but it is easy to think you have the right machine, and the problems just keep growing. A friend of mine did a D-6R, and by the time he had it ready to use, he had spent enough to buy a good one, and plus he had a ton of time and...

    Learning CAT Equipment Value

    CM is right on track, as usual. Once you get familiar with the Machinery Trader site, you can get more detailed in the searches, with year, hours, etc. The mid range value is a good starting point, and adjust up or more likely down due to condition.

    Loader arm clearence

    You can put some washers or shims in it to tighten it up. To ease the clatter, try finding oversized "O" rings to fit where they will cushion the last little bit of movement, and as an added benefit it will keep the grease in and the dirt out.