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Recent content by JD955SC

  1. JD955SC

    Rad or torque guns

    Hytorque is what I use. Good stuff.
  2. JD955SC

    Quality Hex Bit Sockets

    I’ve had good luck with the Grey Pnuematic and Sunex style impacts the hardest fight I’ve had for hex bolts has been breaking loose hydraulic cylinder head bolts. They laugh at the 1” impact and I have to use my breaker bar and cheater pipes on them and they sound like gunshots when they...
  3. JD955SC

    Hauling dozer

    Many of our small operators roll with a dump truck and appropriate trailer for small dozers, track loaders, backhoes, and excavators. Lots of flexibility because of the overall usefulness of a dump truck as well.
  4. JD955SC

    Brake fluid as an additive

    I hear it is when you turn it into meth…
  5. JD955SC

    Brake fluid as an additive

    I have seen brake fluid added to a brake system that was supposed to be topped up by hydraulic fluid. It really screwed it up. We ended up having to replace everything after the hoses started coming apart internally. This idea of willfully contaminating a hydraulic system is stupid
  6. JD955SC

    Who has fresh DEF?

    DEF has a shelf life. Improper storage such as out in the sun cuts the life down to nothing. In a “book perfect” environment of the “cool, dry, covered” type warehouse it has up to a two year shelf life. Our customers that use their machines, buy fresh DEF, and store it properly never have...
  7. JD955SC

    Strange, interesting and funny stories buying and selling equipment

    Dad always told me you sell for “as is” full cash price and never entertain payments or repairs/help after the sale.
  8. JD955SC

    Sunk and frozen

    lol idiots doing idiot things
  9. JD955SC

    The Cummins fine?

    EPA is taking the ATF methods.
  10. JD955SC


    Thats how they get used I’ve used them once a decade ago at school. My shop had a pair of heavy fabricated ramps that we used instead. I don’t like the rockers.
  11. JD955SC

    D4H charging problem

    Check and clean all connections and terminals Make sure no aftermarket accessories are wired to one battery directly Check your battery voltage at high idle. Older machines had regulators that function better at higher RPMs.
  12. JD955SC

    Crystal Ball

    Things are going really good for me so you know it’s about to all go to ****
  13. JD955SC

    The State of Technical Training in 2023

    the schools need to build relationships with their local dealers and large companies. I bring scrap parts to my programs. Anything that fits in the back of my pickup truck. They can tear them apart, see how it works, see the failures/wear, etc.
  14. JD955SC

    Cat 324f

    Those sensor codes don’t matter as far as your issue goes they are grade control sensors.