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  1. JD955SC

    Should I start this business with my brother?

    I definitely understand the premise. I use a similar thing for routine doc visits that I just need a simple treatment or advice for but there are a couple hitches… Your independent guys likely don’t have the time with self employment demands Your dealership guys like me are forbidden from this...
  2. JD955SC

    3406C exhaust manifold

    I don’t separate them seems like inviting too much trouble BTW if you ever have to drill them out Cat has guide kits. Without them some people are gifted but many like me can only drill a crooked hole and I’ve seen a few where the driller punches into the water jacket.
  3. JD955SC

    Relief Valve on Track Adjuster D6NXL

    Should be 7/8 or 22MM for most Cat dozers.
  4. JD955SC

    D5K2 DEF Line Retaining Clips

    Well now they ain’t gonna make it easy on us. And calling it a “button” of all things.
  5. JD955SC

    D5K2 DEF Line Retaining Clips

    These are Cat part numbers for them. I just found them online from the Instagram page I originally got them from. 424-6231 Black 424-6232 White
  6. JD955SC

    D5K2 DEF Line Retaining Clips

    They are GM fuel line clips you can get them from NAPA or auto parts stores they are also available from the Cat dealer but my part numbers are at work and I won’t be back there until next week. Parts counter clerk will probably have a hard time finding them. I keep a supply in my box because...
  7. JD955SC

    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    That’s about a thousand dollars of refrigerant these days. I’d be PISSED.
  8. JD955SC

    Torque Multiplier Reaction Arm

    Either way rad gun or hydraulic wrench they need to get what works best. The cost of rental or even purchase is nothing compared to a lost time injury, a fact you might point out if they balk. over two decades into the twenty first century these 1960 cheapskate manager attitudes need to go. We...
  9. JD955SC

    Torque Multiplier Reaction Arm

    They need to rent or borrow you a hydraulic wrench with appropriate stuff to react off of. F*** a multiplier. I won’t use one outside of some very specific circumstances. That thing shears with you up there and it’s likely gonna hurt or kill you. Also I hate engineers that don’t account for...
  10. JD955SC

    Cost of new pickups

    I like a comfortable truck. I like my technology of stuff like backup cameras (makes hooking up a trailer a one shot no getting out more than once breeze). It also makes tight parking a breeze. I like my radio to connect to my phone for streaming music, podcasts, and audio books. I like a quiet...
  11. JD955SC

    Counterweight concept

    Not for access it’s for transport. In fact with the counterweight removed access is worse than on a non assist machine because of the structure in the way that the non assist machines lack. Still better than a counterweight fully in the way of course. The chain lift is what Cat used up to the...
  12. JD955SC

    Cost of new pickups

    actually according to the inflation calculator that Suburban is actually $58k in todays dollars. https://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl?cost1=18000&year1=198201&year2=202302 In 2016 I brought a nicely optioned just above base level Dodge Ram 1500 with extended cab and the 5.7 V8 for $32k. In...
  13. JD955SC

    Operator responsibility

    Last year I got to deal with a nearly fatal accident response and investigation. I had to sit with a lawyer for two hours telling the story, sweated worrying about dealing with OSHA (they decided not to come), and so on. And finally the worry of if there was a court case dealing with being...
  14. JD955SC


    Many times I’ve started typing the reply I really want to send then have to walk away from my computer for 10 minutes. Or my personal favorite reply, where after I put “Performed Action X per service letter/tech bulletin, no change in results” in my initial contact message and the first reply...
  15. JD955SC

    Operator responsibility

    One of the things I’ve seen on jobs is a 360 halo light for hard hats It’s a damn good idea, IMHO.