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Recent content by ironjunkie

  1. ironjunkie

    hitachi EX60 repair manual selection

    I have had no trouble finding parts for my EX-60 from the local JD HE dealer. (Nortrax) They can look it up and cross it over to a newer or other model.
  2. ironjunkie

    Skid steer in snow

  3. ironjunkie

    Caterpillar attachments ?

    What type of attachments? Simple buckets - grapples - 4 in1 type attachments ? Cat's a great outfit but some attachments are not worth a penny more just for the Cat sticker on it. I had a CAL (Construction attachments Ltd) 4 in1 that was very well built, but still, basically only a bucket. Now...
  4. ironjunkie

    OTT Skid Steer Over Tire Tracks Sand Septic System

    I run the Grouser brand (metal) tracks and they are like skates on snow or ice. I chain up all 4 in the winter. The tracks look like they have holes provided to install a pic or cleat, I've just never checked into it.
  5. ironjunkie

    OTT Skid Steer Over Tire Tracks Sand Septic System

    OTT's are amazing, they help in all conditions except snow & ice. The Bobcat you mention is pretty small and should not hurt the pipe with a little cover & common sense but will be heavier under the tires than a CTL.
  6. ironjunkie

    Whats a clam?

    That is sometimes slang for a woman, you might want to look into this and ask for pics!:D
  7. ironjunkie

    Tire Chains or Snow Tires for Skid steer?? I'm stuck lol.

    I've been playing with that idea myself, I have a long 55" wheel base and thought about going even taller. Also have a 2 speed and wonder what the road speed would be but worry about needing to make special attachment (for snow only) with a lower attachment points. What's your opinion?
  8. ironjunkie

    Tire Chains or Snow Tires for Skid steer?? I'm stuck lol.

    Chain up all 4! Not sayin that will get you out, it might, but makes all the difference in the world!
  9. ironjunkie

    Trying to decide whether Skid Steer stays or goes.

    FWIW I bought an "Ambusher" mower that had the old Gehl hitch and converted it to a standard "SSQC" with very little work, basically cut off what was in the way and weld on the new style. You have a nice attachment list and if you have down time in the winter and are handy with a welder, a week...
  10. ironjunkie

    Tilt Attachment

    All of SS's/CTL's have "boom" float that I've ever seen. Now if your talking about the bucket itself curling in & out, I don't think so. Every " " that I remember usually with the boom control pushed all the way forward or down (toe) past a detent of some sort. You should be able to...
  11. ironjunkie

    Clearing 20+ac. grub or mulch?

    Small world. Good conversation's I appreciate all the response's. I don't have any illusions about lush growing pasture's, just a decent field for maybe a cow or 2 and pretty field to look at, balancing costs & time. What little is above 5" will be firewood so nothing big. It's just the rocks...
  12. ironjunkie

    Clearing 20+ac. grub or mulch?

    You mean like taco bell? That's as close to that as you'll get here in Maine:laugh
  13. ironjunkie

    Clearing 20+ac. grub or mulch?

    I think I'll be doing it with the rental ex/mulcher. I have over 700 ac. and there's plenty of woods left to be woods, but not an acre of grassland (except the yard around the house). Building the soil will be a long term project, and it won't support as many animals per acre as I'd like, but I...
  14. ironjunkie

    Clearing 20+ac. grub or mulch?

    I'd like to make a pasture out of wood's that has always been woods. I had envisioned just grubbing everything and win rowing the larger rocks (that I have a ton of). One of my concerns is that I really have only 4-5" of poor wood's dirt - topsoil on top of sand/gravel and got to thinking that...
  15. ironjunkie

    Newbie with an 863 has question about root grapples

    I have a Lofflin 84" root grapple that I've had for about 18 years. It was the first of it's kind that I ever saw. (not a lot of choices back then) It's been on several machines and has been really worked on my 110 hp Gehl. I managed to "tweek" one of the grapple lids a little, and bend one of...