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Recent content by HeyUvaVT

  1. HeyUvaVT

    Need 056 Stihl Parts

    im a stihl dealer in VA...just checked and we cant even get kits any more..if i could find one id give it to you for cost plus shipping...sorry i couldnt help!
  2. HeyUvaVT

    So, if you had to get rid of this crane...

    how mcuh does it weigh?
  3. HeyUvaVT

    my new haul truck

    B-E-A-UTIFUL love it!
  4. HeyUvaVT

    Pictures of my work

    only slowed down here......
  5. HeyUvaVT

    Swamp Loggers ?

    saw the new one last night....great show!! they werent in GA as far as I could tell..but I dont know that for sure...pretty sure they were at that tract of land that bobby hated last season....
  6. HeyUvaVT

    Swamp Loggers ?

    i really wish that it would get moved to an earlier time slot...i have to work early on saturdays and find myself an episode behind becuase i can only stay up and watch the repeat from the week before!!:Banghead
  7. HeyUvaVT

    Takeuchi pins

    haha i usually jump straight to the 20lber that i have in the shop...good for fine tuning and adjustments!! :drinkup:Banghead
  8. HeyUvaVT

    Asv rc 100

    I have an RC100 and wouldnt trade it for anything....cept maybe a brand new PT100F or a brand new TL250 or maybe a brand new 299c or maybe a brand new Supertrak but of course they are ALOT more $$$$
  9. HeyUvaVT

    Kubota KX080 Anybody have one?

    the tak can handle the weight of our mulching head alot better than the 080...i have nothing against the 080 just wouldnt trade my 175 for one...ever and before you ask...yes I have seen the mulching head on both...DC South can help me out on this...
  10. HeyUvaVT

    Kubota KX080 Anybody have one?

    I would go TB175 over 080 the TB175 is conventional tail and in a mulching or heavy lift app it is better balanced than they 080...I have one and love it and wouldnt trade it for anything...it costs about $300 to install the necessary parts to run a mulcher on the TB175 Timark
  11. HeyUvaVT

    good game good game

    lol chris i always knew you liked to burn money!
  12. HeyUvaVT

    good game good game

    they would sell for $14 a piece here x12,000 = $168,000
  13. HeyUvaVT

    wich mulching head

    I would go with a planar tooth head over a carbide head..cut quality is night and day..sharpening isnt a big deal and if you take care of it you can easily get good life from the head...I have time with ALOT of different heads and the planar has been our choice hands down....we run a CIMAF head...
  14. HeyUvaVT

    What do you pay for On Site Service?

    what part of va are you in crossthread? may have some work for you in the future
  15. HeyUvaVT

    cat/ asv Mtl undercarriges

    we have 700 hours on ours and the undercarriage still looks nearly new