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  1. gtermini

    Just some work pics

    Saw this wacky rigging fixture on another site and thought you appreciate it. Comment said they stuck a little Broderson deck crane in the hole after the forklift. I'm curious how the thing moves to balance after the load is off?
  2. gtermini

    Memories for us old truckers

  3. gtermini

    Fat Allis Next Surgery

    That sounds like Fedex "SmartPost". It's a BS low cost option sellers use. The package is shipped Fedex for the first half of its trip, then handed over to the post office for final delivery. The really crummy thing is smartpost packages are used as truck fillers to top off loads. So your...
  4. gtermini

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

    OK thanks for the insight. I think I'll go ahead and put it on next change. If I safety wire the handle, I think I can sleep at night. I'm sure it's one of these things I worry way too much over nothing.
  5. gtermini

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

    I did the oil on my old beater 7.3 yesterday and the pan threads are getting a little long in the tooth. What's your opinion on those Fumoto drain valves? I ordered one, but am going back and fourth about installing it next change. I just don't love the idea of a valve hanging down under there...
  6. gtermini

    scrap metal

    Scrap is $32/ton here for civilian sized hauls. I was irritated because I went to buy some plate steel and aluminum off the retail yard and they wanted 65 cents/lb for steel and $3.25 for alum. I'll buy it new for a little more before I give it to those gouging pricks. They didn't pay anything...
  7. gtermini

    One liner thread

    If I wanted to hear an arsehole speak, I'd fart.
  8. gtermini

    One liner thread

    Couldn't pour p!ss out of a boot if the directions were written on the sole.
  9. gtermini

    One liner thread

    You work like old people screw; slow and not very often.
  10. gtermini

    Help with my Clark forklift

    I believe that's the engine oil fill. It's right on the accessory housing behind the hydraulic pump. I had an older Clark with a flathead that was similar. I'll admit to accidentally dumping hyd oil in there thinking it was the hyd reservoir fill when I fist got it and was dealing with a leaking...
  11. gtermini

    Memories for us old truckers

    https://eugene.craigslist.org/hvo/d/monroe-1949-peterbilt/6986464999.html Nice old Pete. Hope it finds a new caretaker.
  12. gtermini

    Just some work pics

    Don't let the Portland effect give us Oregonians all a bad name lol. There's more than a few of us "normal" folks outside the big cities, and we can't stand the weirdos and their shenanigans just as much as you.
  13. gtermini

    Freelance Equipment Repair?

    This will be an unpopular opinion, but I think they should charge for all the ads. Even if it was 49 or 99 cents. Just something to make posting an ad take a little more effort and commitment to weed out all the garbage that people put up now. Charging for private party car ads has mostly...
  14. gtermini

    Cmark's random photo thread

    What was the deal with the permanent custom tow bar?
  15. gtermini

    A30c Volvo rebuild

    Nice shop set up and good looking work on the equipment! OT, but is that an 8" Prentiss chipping vise on the blue pedestal by the red office chair in the boom picture? Those are about the holy grail of bench vises.