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  1. GaryHoff

    New Holland C232 oil smell and code 3028

    Can you check if your crank case vent is externally vented first? Some engine oil at the turbo is normal if the crank case vent routes back to the air intake. For the turbo, just take off the charge air hose and look. May be oil there. Take off the intake hose and spin the impeller, and use...
  2. GaryHoff

    2015 new holland l220 skid steer fuel gage

    Check your ground connections first. Factory didn't clean off the paint for all the grounds, so the sensors may have poor ground connections. You will see where groups of black wires bolt to the frame in some places.
  3. GaryHoff

    New Holland C232 oil smell and code 3028

    I'm assuming there is no external leaks anymore. Check your turbo, it may be failing. If turbo is ok, check your crank case vent. Should route into the air intake, depending on your year/emission level. Might have excessive blow by, and is sending oil to the intake. What year/emissions are on...
  4. GaryHoff

    Who builds the Case dozers?

    Case mini excavators were made by Kobelco. Made by Sumitomo now. Case Mid size and large excavators are made by Sumitomo Case mini wheel loaders were made in Germany, not exactly sure by who. Case mid size wheel loaders are made by Case. Case Large wheel loader 1221, is made by Hyundai. Case...
  5. GaryHoff

    Case 440ct Pattern Change

    Unfortunately hydraulic lines can't just be swapped around to change the joystick pattern. As KSSS mentioned, you will need a kit from the dealer.
  6. GaryHoff

    Tv380 no crank

    Corrosion and fuse box issues were common with these machines. Is there anything electrical in the cab that doesn't work, like the blower or the lights? There is 4 diodes under the cab on the left side frame, inline in the harness. They are often rotten and corroded. Assuming that you correctly...
  7. GaryHoff

    Case 95XT - Hydraulics High Flow Filter

    On the xt series skid steers, there was a piston pump option for the high flow. This is what they call the high pressure high flow option. #8 is the filter for that option. You only have the standard high flow. If your filter light is constantly on in the dash, then you likely have a plugged...
  8. GaryHoff

    Final Drive Oil

    75w90 gear oil is too light for most final drives, and will be burnt in a short period. The manual I have calls for Case FDL fluid for the final drives. Early sn range call for 90W as a secondary option Later sn range call for 85W-140 as a secondary option I have used 80w90 in most final...
  9. GaryHoff

    Tier 3 FIAT F5CE5454 oil breather.

    Ouch is right. Was there other damages? Any reason you couldn't just change the EGR? Some oil in the intake is normal with this design. Depending on the emission laws of your country, there was a kit to change the crank case vent to a external vent. There was also heater lines available, to...
  10. GaryHoff

    Hitachi Zaxis 200 Fuel Injector Change-Out

    Injector life will depend on your fuel conditions, and maintenance. Its not a bad idea to change injectors at 6000-8000hrs for preventative maintenance. Theres also a "last chance filter" in your injection pump. You should probably clean/replace that before you replace injectors. I believe you...
  11. GaryHoff

    Hitachi Zaxis 200 Fuel Injector Change-Out

    16. Install the gasket to the cylinder head cover. 17. Install the cylinder head cover and tighten the bolts to the specified torque. Tightening torque: 4HK1: 18 N⋅m (1.8 kg⋅m/13 lb ft) 18. Install the gasket to the EGR valve and tighten the bolts to the specified torque. Tightening torque...
  12. GaryHoff

    Hitachi Zaxis 200 Fuel Injector Change-Out

    11. Install the nozzle leak off pipes together with the new gaskets. Tighten the pipes to the specified torque. Tightening torque: 12 N⋅m (1.2 kg⋅m/106 lb in) 12. Install the fuel injector harness connectors. Work from the inside out. 13. Install the harness bracket and tighten the bolts to...
  13. GaryHoff

    Hitachi Zaxis 200 Fuel Injector Change-Out

    Installation Important: Install each of the fuel injectors on its original position. (the cylinder from which it was removed) 1. Install a new gasket and O-ring to each of the fuel injector clamps. Refer to the illustration. 2. Apply molybdenum to the threads and seating surfaces of the clamp...
  14. GaryHoff

    Hitachi Zaxis 200 Fuel Injector Change-Out

    9. Remove the fuel injection pipe clips and the injection pipes. 10. Loosen the fuel injector clamp fixing bolts and remove the fuel injectors. If the fuel injectors are difficult to remove, use the fuel injector remover. Install the fuel injector remover to the leak-off pipe attachment part...
  15. GaryHoff

    Hitachi Zaxis 200 Fuel Injector Change-Out

    The fuel system consists of many tiny holes and spaces that allow the movement of fuel from one place to another. These holes and spaces are milled to extremely high precision. This is especially true of the fuel injectors. The fuel injector is very sensitive to foreign material. Foreign...