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    hitachi ex60 urg swing box

    Frontier Tractor dismantled an EX60 recently. 800-586-7900
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    Daewoo Solar 280

    Daewoo S280LC-3 Aka Solar 280LC-3 (and sometimes the 3 is replaced with -III) What do you want to know?
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    Mitsubishi MS120 / CAT E120 Final Drives / Parts Availability

    Erik, Steer clear of the MS120. It used a Kayaba MAG-55KP unit that is totally obsolete and there is no replacement option that is simple. (I can tell from the photos that it has the MAG-55KP) While CAT is legendary for their support, it is not the case with this machine. Good luck!
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    some hydraulic help please !

    Did you verify that both sides have the same motor? Are the ID tags still on the motors?
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    Takeuchi TB035- too old?

    We can support track motors better than OEM's can. Send me a PM and let's talk
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    Volvo EC30 tracking speed

    Do both sides have the original OEM drive? If they are the same, I would check the case drain on both. You may have one side that has more case drain than the other causing it to perform differently than the other.
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    1996 samsung exc.

    gwhammy, we can help you with parts. I stock most of the major hydraulic components and can get just about everything else to you within a week.
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    New/Reman Hydraulic Pump for Kobelco SK135srlc

    almost all of it ;)
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    New/Reman Hydraulic Pump for Kobelco SK135srlc

    We stock all of the repair parts. Also have new complete unit on the shelf and reman.
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    Cat 312B Final Drive

    The frame bolts are M16 x 2.0 Depending on what grade you use (10.9 I would think), here is torque table. http://finaldrive.eu/index.php/bolt-torque-settings
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    looking to buy 2006 JCE Guide Book !!!

    Has to be 2006 ? I'm sure you know of this.? https://www.jencorp.net/en/etc/GuideBook_Help.html
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    Thanks lantraxco You are correct, this is tough. TB68 came with 2 options. Part number 19031-00200 This unit has an internal brake, it is a Kayaba MAG-85NP-700-1 Part number 19031-00100 This unit has no brake. It is a Kayaba MAG-85N-700-1 Both have been obsolete from Kayaba in Japan...
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    IHI 35n left drive not responding

    http://finaldrive.eu/index.php/troubleshooting See "external problems" First test is to make sure oil is being delivered to the drive motor. General comments: I always suggest follow the oil. Tank is holding the oil. Oil gets sucked over to pump. Check the suction strainer at the bottom of...
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    IHI 35n left drive not responding

    We can help you. Click links below for contact info. We're the largest excavator final drive supplier in North America.