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  1. donkey doctor

    Torque Multiplier Reaction Arm

    When we torqued slewing ring bolts in the outer ring we dropped a piece of round stock into one of the bolt holes in the inner ring to brace it against. When we did the inner ring we had the tub it was mounted on to brace it against. Pretty hard to hold 16:1 d.d.
  2. donkey doctor

    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    Where I used to work we didn't take trades but our sales guys had a pretty good finger on the pulse of the industry and mostly could put a buyer of a new machine in touch with with somebody looking to buy a used machine. From what heard later after we were bought out the company did take trades...
  3. donkey doctor

    Accidentaly added 80/90 gear oil to hydraulic tank

    I wouldn't think a gallon mixed in a full tank would make any difference at all. d.d.
  4. donkey doctor

    WTF is with road maintenance crews these days

    Had a foreman who worked for highways dept in a previous life. According to him that's exactly what they used to do when he worked there. Don't know about now. He said they used to send the trucks out to keep costs up. If the budget wasn't used this year it was cut back next year d.d.
  5. donkey doctor

    Inland Marine Policy for Tools?

    Where I worked the company paid 100% for broken tools and 50% on lost tools. No policy re stolen stuff but I don't remember stuff getting stolen. Maybe the guys just claimed them lost but I think it would be tough to do that with a straight face for a whole toolbox d.d.
  6. donkey doctor

    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    Fired up the oil furnace a few days ago for the first time since the spring. Standing there beside it and it's making a strange noise. Seems to be coming from burner blower. Sounds like a bearing or the fan is loose and rubbing. Call the service guy. Listens to it, yep that's where the sound is...
  7. donkey doctor

    Cmark's random photo thread

    I did also. Early 60s in Merritt BC. Minus 30 in a travel trailer was brutal. One winter was enough for me. Come spring I couldn't get back to Vancouver Island fast enough. Born here, raised here, travelled to over 90 countries and never found another place I'd rather live. Got to say some are...
  8. donkey doctor

    Cmark's random photo thread

    We torqued slewing ring bolts with 2 multipliers stacked together and I think it was 80# on the torque wrench. Was quite a job to hold all that up when tightening from the bottom. d.d.
  9. donkey doctor

    Guess I should Have Locked It Out!

    Why do you think the engineer who flashed it up should be reprimanded. He was both authorised and qualified to run a machine for testing purposes.He probably wouldn't have been great at loading logs with it but neither would I as a mechanic. It could have been any of the mechanics or most of the...
  10. donkey doctor

    Guess I should Have Locked It Out!

    It wasn't tagged out. The guy who left it untagged maybe should have.d.d.
  11. donkey doctor

    Guess I should Have Locked It Out!

    Not just electrical work. One of our guys was trouble shooting a problem on a new hydraulic log loader in the yard outside the plant. I wasn't there so I'm not sure what hose he had off but it was probably the 2 inch discharge hose on the main pump. Because he was right there until he wasn't he...
  12. donkey doctor

    Guess I should Have Locked It Out!

    Depends on which part of canaduh !!! d.d.
  13. donkey doctor

    Guess I should Have Locked It Out!

    Way back in my misspent youth I did a backpack working holiday down in Oz for a couple of years. One of the many jobs I had was plying my trade as a welder at an open pit mine in the NT. 4 of us worked night shift from late afternoon till after midnight. One night the job was to reline the...
  14. donkey doctor

    S. Madill, Blacksmith, Founded in 1911 in Nanaimo BC

    Thanks for the link to the model supplier. He has some pretty interesting kits in his collections. Very reasonable prices too. I may just have to try my hand at one sometime. Regards. d.d.