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Recent content by dieseldave

  1. dieseldave

    Travel time

    I am an operator, but sometimes I get roped into driving the lowboy if they don't have a driver available. Obviously, they pay me if I haul a machine. But for this thread let's look at it from the operator's standpoint. The company itself is local to me, their main shop is half an hour away, so...
  2. dieseldave

    Travel time

    I was wondering if any of you who have to travel to work get paid for travel time or compensated in some other way. The company I work for doesn't have a policy, as such, seems to be more of a hit or miss deal- ie., if it takes an entire day to get from the shop to the site they will pay you for...
  3. dieseldave

    Some more old dozer vids

    Couple of vids from 10 years or so ago. This is my D2, first dozer I ever owned http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAesrZO5EYs This is the 983 doing a little cleanup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOzahE7Z9rM
  4. dieseldave

    Homemade sprocket liners for my Allis Chalmers HD9

    Wish I would have known that, wouldn't have messed around with the pipe if I knew you guys were still around. Used to see your ads in Rock and Dirt but haven't seen any for awhile. What would the cost be for a set of liners for an HD9 or something similar?
  5. dieseldave

    otc undercarriage press

    Sounds like you have a future in the gauge repair business, Oz:D Any pics of the finished product?
  6. dieseldave

    Almost new Caterpillar D8K

    Aw man, I was gonna ask if i could come run it:( The K is one of my all time favorites, and the thought of a new one had me drooling.
  7. dieseldave

    Some more vids of the old D6

    Things are slowing down at work a little so now I've got some time to make the odd post or two. I put the tilt cylinder on the old 6, here's a thread about it from awhile back https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/showthread.php?7538-tilt-cylinder-for-my-D6-9U&highlight=
  8. dieseldave

    Some more vids of the old D6

    Some pics of the project we're working on, building a pond at a friend's farm.
  9. dieseldave

    Some more vids of the old D6

    I got a little Contour HD camera recently and have been learning how to use it. More (and hopefully better) vids to follow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR5o1d9hoLs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVIqTLvBFM0
  10. dieseldave

    Could REALLY use some input on a Cat D6-9U dozer...........PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!

    I have a later model oil clutch D6 9U, and it's one of the toughest machines Cat ever built. Here's an old thread on it https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/showthread.php?5174-old-pony-start-D6&highlight= , and if you go to my youtube channel there are some vids of it there pushing...
  11. dieseldave

    just a few old machines Ive seen on my travels. mostly dozers and one grader!

    I'll give it a try- D2, Cat No12 grader, D6 8U, IH TD9, AC HD5 or maybe an HD6, last one is an Oliver OC, maybe an OC12?
  12. dieseldave

    russian pipeline fail

    how it's done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9sSoMhGbiw
  13. dieseldave

    Bucyrus Erie 325

    American Recycling
  14. dieseldave

    Bucyrus Erie 325

    Cummins 903 and fiberglass body ALong with it there in the scrap pile is a real nice 666 Koehring, an IH 175B with 4 in 1 bucket, a TD15B with brand new UC, and a decent-looking 955K. What a shame.
  15. dieseldave

    Bucyrus Erie 325

    This is (was?) sitting in the scrapyard the other day. I almost bought this machine years ago, it was sitting next to my 983 when I bought it.