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  1. DiamondLTruckin

    To CAT or not to CAT ?

    Bought a new 246C about a year ago and absolutely love the machine. Just put 140 hours on it so we don't use it that much, but we use it for everything from light grading, to loading our dump trucks, and snow plowing with a blower (high-flow) in the winter. For what I use it for the 246 size is...
  2. DiamondLTruckin

    Cat hydraulic Quick coupler stuck?

    Rev it up a little and/or (as required) shake it a little. 9/10 they will pop loose. The grease fittings on those are kinda a pain to get to so they may not be getting greased as much as they should be.
  3. DiamondLTruckin

    Truck Driver Hit Power Line, Should He Be Fired?

    Had a good experienced driver take out a overhead power line the other day. Was not rushed, in a hurry. Had all the time in the world to get out and look, He was just not paying attention. What are all you're guys's policies on recklessness/stupidity like this?
  4. DiamondLTruckin

    Converting an OTR truck to a dump...need ideas on where to get some parts.

    You can convert a tractor to a dump truck, but it'll be just that a converted dump truck, main thing is that it's probably got air ride.. Not sure what rear supsension your 359's got, but Pete AirTrac is IMHO the best air ride dump truck suspension but it's still an air ride dump truck, have fun...
  5. DiamondLTruckin

    Truck purchase dilemma

    I have a 96 Pete with over 1M miles, and a 07 KW with 130K miles. Things are going to break eventually, and they're going to be repaired/replaced. Then they'll be new again. IMHO a huge factor is who you've got driving them.
  6. DiamondLTruckin

    Who makes the best dump truck in the world?

    I do. When it comes to Class 8 trucks.
  7. DiamondLTruckin

    Volvo BL 70

    The grass is green now and not white thank goodness, Lowering the price to 45,000 obo. Call Bob at 307-413-2876
  8. DiamondLTruckin

    Weyerhaeuser Company Logging Operations

    They could've also gotten a dump bed or been used to pull their bellys or rock tubs. I'll talk to my dad and get the rest of the story.
  9. DiamondLTruckin

    Highway log trucks.

    That reminds me of one of my 'favorite' days this summer ha ha!
  10. DiamondLTruckin

    Volvo BL 70

    Volvo BL 70 Backhoe. 2006, 1800 hours, New glass, Extendahoe, Joystick hoe controls, Quick Attatch with adjustable forks, Joystick front bucket with F/R on joystick, AM FM Radio, nice backhoe, it's a really nice backhoe, we just have no use for it. Call Bob 307-413-2876 Keywords: Backhoe...
  11. DiamondLTruckin

    Trailering a 530CK or 580CK

    Yes, You can pull a 580 with a 3/4 ton pickup. It will happen. Yes, If Mr. Smokey Bear stops ya or you decide not to jump port, You will also need a CDL, unless you're a 'farmer', IIRC. CDL is 26k solo+ or 10k tandem+ IIRC. That's a lot of weight though to be pulling a 3/4 ton. There's some...
  12. DiamondLTruckin

    Weyerhaeuser Company Logging Operations

    Contract Logger, You'd appreciate these, Here's 2 old Weyerhaeuser Macks that were bought by Clark's Ready Mix out of Jackson WY shortly after Mt St Helens blew. My old man went out to the west coast and drove em home piggybacked. I'll talk with him soon and try to get any more information for...
  13. DiamondLTruckin

    Resurection of a old TCI forklift...

    Some old old old blue TCI telehandler/forklift. John Deere motor fired right up after settin for around 10 years. The thing won't steer worth a damn though, and after we got it home my dad pulled the steering box off and now it won't steer at all. This is an old dinosaur and any advice on where...
  14. DiamondLTruckin

    rubber track grease nipples

    Sounds like it's time for a new grease nipple?
  15. DiamondLTruckin

    Crane pads or Grouser pads??

    I know a guy here in Jackson who'se selling a older Daewoo I think. I can get you his number if you're interested, Looks about the same size of a hoe or close to it.