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  1. Deerehauler

    Covering Exhaust During transtit

    Most ag equipment (and I suspect construction equipment) has some sort of precleaner aspirator hose, which runs from the exhaust stack or muffler to the intake stack, ahead of the air cleaner. This hose is at least an inch in diameter. If the exhaust stack is pointed into the wind and the...
  2. Deerehauler

    cattle driving info please

    I wouldn't want any part of hauling cattle. The stereotypical view of bullracks in our area is that only one of them know where he is supposed to go. They load 6 or 7 pots (doubledeck trailers) and load the smart one last. Then they drive 90 mph one right behind the other as long as it...
  3. Deerehauler

    Wheels falling off?

    We had a kid that bought a new Mac impact wrench and thought it would get wheel bolts tight enough. He predelivered 3 new combines and after the wheels became loose on the first two he did, they checked the wheels on the third combine and sure enough they were loose. Luckily the farmers all...
  4. Deerehauler

    Korean truck tires

    We went with the Korean tires and with almost 20K, they are doing great. I can't remember the name brand. I'll try to get a phone pic tomorrow (or the next time I remember).
  5. Deerehauler

    What do you carry with you?

    I have a basic set of metric and standard wrenches, pliars, vice grips, Channel locks, a 14" crescent wrench, and a few screwdrivers. Fluke 78 mulitmeter, set of fuel filters and water separator filter for my truck, fan and A/c belt for truck, two cans of ether, set of 4/0 20' long jumper...
  6. Deerehauler

    Would You Haul it ??

    Thank you, Trihonu. This reinforces what others were saying about basketing. The next time I see this officer I will get some clarification. Two chain runs are better than one, right:)
  7. Deerehauler

    When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry....

    The old saying "A lack of planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on my part" would be nice to invoke in this situation. I think that if you are the equipment fleet manager, job equipment needs should be passed through you as soon as the bid has been let. If you have three...
  8. Deerehauler

    Need AC Tractor help

    There is one of those sitting in a salvage yard in Maxwell, NE at Miller Salvage.
  9. Deerehauler

    Would You Haul it ??

    The only place I have been able to get these hooks is from Deere factory. I had one of our sister store's drivers pick some up for me when he went to the factory to get a combine.
  10. Deerehauler

    Trailer slide-outs

    My trailer is a Muv-All. The slide-outs are set up so that the first slide-out determines how far out the rest will go. When you are sliding them out, you start at the front and work your way back. When sliding them in, start at the back and work your way forward. A friend pulls a Landoll...
  11. Deerehauler

    Would You Haul it ??

    Here are some pics of how I chain down a combine using grab hooks. Sorry for the order of the pics, I intended for the second pic to be the last one. Oh, well....
  12. Deerehauler

    Would You Haul it ??

    Tiny, you chained the forklift almost exactly how I chain 90% of what I haul. On newer John Deere tractors the chain points are big loops cast into the mechanical front wheel drive axle. On tractors with Independent Front Suspension, the chain points are on the lower A-arms. On these...
  13. Deerehauler

    Would You Haul it ??

    I am in agreement with Digger242. I do NOT cross chain EXCEPT when the tire on the equipment does not allow the chain to run straight from the tie down on the machine to the D-ring or chain slot on my trailer. I try to keep the distance from the tie down on the machine to the trailer as...
  14. Deerehauler

    business proposition good or bad

    As I get older, I pay a LOT more attention to old-timers. They seem to have a way of seeing the whole picture. Experience is a ruthless teacher. I know if there was a business venture I wanted to pursue, there are 4-5 older farmers I would question extensively before I did anything big.
  15. Deerehauler

    Broken C-12...Maybe

    Well, I got lucky. Turns out that my fleetguard oil filter collapsed internally. We changed the oil and filter and everything is now normal. We did pull an oil sample and it showed nothing abnormal except for high sodium, which is supposed to indicate burned coolant. I will be monitoring the...