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    JD's new Premium Circle

    Someone is going to have to get inside one of these circles. I also assumed it was a Rotek style bearing. Never an issue greasing these on excavators.
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    JD's new Premium Circle

    I think the concept is great. We are running graders with well over 50000 hours and I just wonder how this idea would pan out in the long term. Kudos to John Deere for thinking out of the box. I like that. I guess there is no way to adjust for wear and that, I suspect, would be the issue
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    JD's new Premium Circle

    I would like to know how this is going to work for the long haul. Great idea if it works out.
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    MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. Red & White Iron, Past and Present....

    At one time a company called Custom Engineering pretty much made all the crew boxes and pickup boxes on the coast. The crew boxes were like a section of school bus that was mounted on a cab and chassis. These were used by the tower crews on the rigging and fallers. The fallers used to have a...
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    Motor grader road maintenance guide

    This looks like interesting information. Is there a published copy I can get of this? Thanks for posting.
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    Vancouver Island, BC. Logging at its Best!

    That upright log or pipe under the left front bunk is interesting. Presumably to save the 5th wheel, etc. assembly from being abused at the sort.
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    CAT 140M Fumes and Carbon Monoxide into cabin

    Show us some pictures, please. If you are really worried about carbon monoxide, you can get a one the size of a credit card and put it in your machine. That’s what we have at work. You could go with a straight exhaust pipe and a rain cap or move the A/C intake to a different location.
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    CAT 140M Fumes and Carbon Monoxide into cabin

    I would say, ‘Extend the exhaust pipe.’
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    Cat 120 & 140 AWD NextGen

    Nice to see a decent cab again.
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    Recommended width for a front dozer blade on a 12H?

    Sweet looking machine.
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    Pacific trucks in the logging industy

    Fine looking job.
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    S. Madill, Blacksmith, Founded in 1911 in Nanaimo BC

    Sounds pretty brutal.
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    Grizzly Trucks

    Looks good to me. Proper spot to mount it.
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    Needed parts book scan for scale model of a Cat D8H

    You might want to give eBay a try. Just checked there and there’s a number of parts books available. Best wishes.
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    140H SOS

    Has anyone considered a rebuilt engine as opposed to rebuilding the original?