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    Just some work pics

    If the bed has to much sticking past the hinge point( small dump trailer) if it has no oil on the top of the cyl. The front of the bed will rasie up as fast as the load is falling once the back of the box becomes the heavy side of the lever. Think backing a wheeled skidsteer out of the...
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    Hyd. End

    Typ they are silver soldered on. Iv shortened tubes in the past. Its a very time comsumeing process because soder joints wont fill gaps. Must be very uniform And tight but not to tight. Someone makes a product that crimps on to the tube with the fitting on it...maybe a eton product?
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    Trailering excavator that cannot run? How do we do this?

    What you are trying to do is just a routine task. If you do it in steps it can be done in 1 hours time. Start by hookig up to bucket with chain to curl bucket you will need a chain to hold it in place. Remove the line form the rod ead of cyl. (On cat exavators i remove them at the valve...
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    Who makes these? They are from Europe.

    @Leighva what do you use that attachment for? Longer shorter blade? Or to cut two slope cuts at the same time?
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    So you can learn from my dumb mistakes

    Iv hurt a few feelings with my over the phone no start diagnose check list. Me " is the park brake set" operator " YA" me ok release it and reset it right now while im on the phone................... operator " ahh it just started"
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    What do you like/dislike about your job?

    Find something that you would do with out pay and still enjoy.. then go do that and get paid.
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    10,000 psi hydraulic pump questions....

    Iv used one with a electric pump. It was a Enerpac pump. For get the name on the wrench. Pump had two direction flow. Wrench would not rachet unless you changed dierection on the pump. Only had a a few bolts to do so i just watched the gauge for the torque pressure. The pump that was made...
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    Just some work pics

    Sounds like a presidential campaign office?
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    Just some work pics

    Sure looks fun and interesting.
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    Cracked boom repair

    How many time as your fixxin something has someone said.... So what did you brake now...
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    heavy equipment shop floor questions?

    Opps... same pic twice..
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    heavy equipment shop floor questions?

    The clean out in Orange is what i am referrig to. If you only have them pointing towards the tank. When you have a plug in th elbow some one is gonna get a little soggy.
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    heavy equipment shop floor questions?

    On the oil trap. A must have is a clean out that points back to the tank. When the elbow under oil and water plugs up you dont wanna have to be one of the guys drawing straws to see who gets to reach down there to put the snake in......
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    Lifted a log straight up

    In state of mn. You could push it through as a bad check. Get a lean or whatever is needed. His claim that it is junk should not be used to hold funds.. you give a payment. Check cash or credit card. As i understand you as the consumer can not stop payment just becouse you no longer want the...
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    Squareshooter SS-836 engine stalls.

    Open mine eyes. :(