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Recent content by D6 Merv

  1. D6 Merv

    D4E fuel issues

    Yes, to everything that Ozdozer said. 51X0692 is a japanese built ps D4E, PC 3304 with scroll fuel pump. They were the predominant source of smaller Cat crawlers for the southern pacific area. Abit unusual in that it found its way to the land of the dollar bill, from japan. Especially when all...
  2. D6 Merv


    Couple more shots of the 16TDT. Its original owner nicknamed it "Brutus", the name is still on it !
  3. D6 Merv

    Whats the difference between low horse and high horse Cat D339 engines?

    thats a low hp serial number 48A6883 up was when they changed from 160 up to 180hp.
  4. D6 Merv


    yes it happens every 2nd year, so 2025 and 27. Happens at easter. Weather is cool by then; 50 to 70f
  5. D6 Merv


    a good youtube video of the Euclid gear is 'Wanaka 2023 Green machine invasion'
  6. D6 Merv


    If you want to see some good videos of the 'Green team' in action, go into youtube tap in 'wheels at wanaka 2023' look for Euclid and Terex scrapers and bulldozers in that list that comes up. Wheels at Wanaka is a big boys n toys gathering at wanaka in New Zealand, with everything from D2 to...
  7. D6 Merv

    D6c 74A at work

    Looks like the 74A that was for sale on Trademe about a year ago down New Plymouth way ?? It had a cable scoop with it;. Would have been alot easier moving dirt with that. What happened with your 17A final drive ? Used to be alot of them around nz that would have been wrecked, be abit harder to...
  8. D6 Merv

    Cat D6C Accessory shaft

    Basically D333A is naturally aspirated engine as in 44A D6B. D333B is the turbocharged version as in 76A D6C. differences in turbocharged engine were piston cooling jets, oil cooler, cylinder head with valve inserts, and no doubt some others ive forgotten about And for ordering parts, go off a...
  9. D6 Merv

    Cat D6C Accessory shaft

    Very true TC; BUT a 76A is 4.5" bore D333 engine, same as you guys 83A machines
  10. D6 Merv

    D6D engine overheating

    re the oil to air torque converter cooler, only gets oil sent to it after the cooler bypass valve opens. Is same function as a thermostat. If your torque converter oil temp was rising before the engine temp, consequently putting all its heat into the oil to water system. Bypass valve could be...
  11. D6 Merv

    Cat D6C Accessory shaft

    No plate needed on a D6C 76A Tony. Gear is keyed to the shaft, you can,t alter timing.
  12. D6 Merv

    D6D engine overheating

    just remember if you go full width core you will need different top and bottom tanks and different centre plate as well. . . Its not a direct core swap. Also the trans coolers had a different centre adapter or bonnet between the trans and engine oil coolers, and different bottom cooler cover...
  13. D6 Merv

    D7E Steering Clutches and Pinion Gears

    Yes as TC said. When setting preloads on taper roller bearings a squirt of oil, and you MUST rotate the shaft half a dozen times, so the rollers ride up on the bearing cups where they will normally run. Then check what preload rotational torque you have
  14. D6 Merv

    D7F injection pump

    U might have 1 stuffed injection capsule thats blowing compression back into the system. Remove injection pipes where they screw onto nozzles. Crank engine over, see if any shoot out air.
  15. D6 Merv

    Komatsu D41P-6 Good or Bad

    I know D41A-3; D41P-5 and D41E-5 had swinging track frames. D41-6 afaik are all rigid and have cummins engine. D41-3 and 5 have komatsu 6D105 engine