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Recent content by Bluox

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    Old Iron Czech Republic

    That is a submarine dozer. Bad Bob
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    My cat 922b will only steers one way?

    So just how long have you been waiting for this? Bad Bob
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    Cat 933 3046

    Look at the anti freeze in # 5 there home owners. Bad Bob
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    Cat 933 3046

    Is the head cracked on # 5 ? Bad Bob
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    3306 genset

    That engine is a 3306 not a D333c and there is quite a bit of difference between them. This is the problem with swapping motors from one use to another. Bad Bob
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    How To Move A Dead D8H

    More importantly, what do the screen have in it? Bad Bob
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    Leaking Final Drive

    The bottom seal is not right, put the oring on the seal before installing it in housing. Use some alcohol or my favorite brake cleaner and keep the ring wet while you push it in. The top one may not be all the way in either hard to tell from your picture. Bad Bob
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    Coolant in oil Detroit 6V53 Diesel Engine

    Air compressor. Bad Bob
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    Cat D6C Engine Identification

    It kinda helps to have pictures of the motor you want to identify there Ace. If it's the one that came in the tractor it should be a D-333 a 4.5 bore motor. Bad Bob
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    Scottish heavy equipment mechanic

    One important thing I learned when they ask you if you have any hollow point ammo the wrong answer is only for the handguns. Zero sence of humor. Bad Bob
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    Overload of the Day

    Most everyone around here tows tractors backwards unless the steering axle is smashed. Bad Bob
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    Caterpillar 12 grader engine is dead - please help?

    My set is over 50 years old. You most likely never need them again the newer motors use different tools. If the machine shop has been around awhile they should have a set as the precups come out to work on the head. Bad Bob
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    Cat D6H LGP 2 overheating engine (coolant restrictor?)

    Why wouldn't you take a grinder and make the hole bigger in your regulator cover ? Bad Bob
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    CAT 320CL undercarriage rebuild

    Pretty much "Shake hands with danger" HEF Homeowner edition. Bad Bob
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    Caterpillar 12 grader engine is dead - please help?

    The only tooling you need to replace nozzles is a 1" deep socket. Bad Bob