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Recent content by BigIron25

  1. BigIron25

    American 9535 question

    Hello everyone! I am operating a new crane (well for me, certainly not new by age) and it’s a barge (pedestal) mounted American 9535. I admittedly don’t have a deep knowledge of American Crawler cranes or friction cranes in general (I typically operate newer hydraulic rigs) and I was wondering...
  2. BigIron25

    RT875C Operator Manual?

    Hello everyone, Im looking for an operators manual for the Grove RT875C specifically. Does anyone know where I can find one of these for free... preferably in PDF? I did check Manitowocs website, looks like they only have the newer series stuff, (I think only RT770E and RT880E unless I don't...
  3. BigIron25

    Manitowoc 31000 model at 1/24, handmate and functional !

    Wow, I am shocked at the detail you have in this model, especially since you say most of it is made out of wood. The video of your model in action is superb. I love how you have hidden your switches in the power pack. As a crane operator and a tool and die machinist (I am a perfectionist when it...
  4. BigIron25

    My CATERPILLAR scale model collection

    Have a small collection for sale all 1/50th but two models. Collection includes: -Manitowoc 18000 in All Crane colors with extension set -Manitowoc 16000 in Kiewit Colors -Sennebogen 5500 Starlifter with two extension kits -Grove RT540E In white -Link Belt RTC-80100 -Bauer BG40 Drill Rig...
  5. BigIron25

    VICON questions for you 4100W hands

    So I was hoping that someone could better describe to me the VICON system. I have a basic idea of what is going on there but what is the benefit? What are the cons? I have also heard there is a warm up process? Is this true and what is it? You will have to forgive me as the only experience I...
  6. BigIron25

    Tower Cranes!!!

    Yeah when I was with Budrovich we did a lot of tower cranes for everyone, seems pretty shakey for those Iron Workers hanging out there in space haha. Do you have to be on the crane during assembly/dissassembly? Or do you just climb it when its all erected? What about jacking procedures, does the...
  7. BigIron25

    D11 with weird exhaust arrangment

    How bad does an arrangement like this effect performance and power?
  8. BigIron25

    Tower Cranes!!!

    Oh I gotcha! Did Budrovich take those tower cranes down on that st johns project?
  9. BigIron25

    Tower Cranes!!!

    Gostr8r, you got some balls of steel. haha Some of those pics on the tower/crawlers, did you climb the lacing and rope work all the way to the top? I didnt see the headache ball anywhere near you in a few pics. And I noticed you sliding down some ropework in a few pictures. looks like fun...
  10. BigIron25

    Manitowoc 31000

    Gostr8r, they offer to fly you up to Wisconson to see the crane? You think you might get some seat time? Who puts the cranes together for your company? Operators, ironworkers, laborers?
  11. BigIron25

    Tower Cranes!!!

    Haha, no worries Keller, I dont have enough skill to take the seat from any tower crane operator right now. Maybe in a few years I could make a day on one hahaha. Awesome pictures, where is this at exactly? I almost asked if you were at the SLAM project but thats Parics job and I saw these are...
  12. BigIron25

    Training organizations/programs for deep foundation drilling and excavation?

    Does anybody know any companies/organizations/programs that train operators on drilling rigs, pile driving, and or foundation wall excavation. I havent found any training programs besides pile driving for friction rigs. And of course on the job training for like Malcom, etc etc. Any suggestions...
  13. BigIron25

    Bigge 125D AFRD

    I was looking through the site pictures, when I saw the block assembly in parts on the ground. Good God those sheeve packs are huge. I cant see the wire rope being any smaller than 3-4" in diameter. Cant wait to see how many parts of line will go into a block with that capacity. I cant wait to...
  14. BigIron25

    Things done at Work

    Hahaha I would say so tiny! I think I would take minimal swing clearence to operate indoors too. Can't say I've ever seen a 999 parked in a garage. Haha pretty cool
  15. BigIron25

    Things done at Work

    Awesome video Gostr8tr! That's a pretty cool project your working on! You don't have an oiler to polish that thing up for you? You sure got it lookin pretty though! What's your tip and hook clearance when setting that top door section?