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Recent content by Andrew_D

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    Excavator facing forwards on lowboy?

    I haul mine facing forward. But my neck is wide so I can lay the stick down between the I-beams. It's lower than the top of my KW bunk. Andrew
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    What kind of phones do you use?

    Sonim XP7 Andrew
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    New to me JD 790E LC; questions

    We have a 790E LC here on the farm as well. 1997 year with about 10,000 hrs on it. Good machine so far. Can't really help you on a rate as we don't do much for custom work. Andrew
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    Rubber tracks on a Dozer?

    Another option would be a farm tractor on rubber tracks. Depending if you can justify it or not, I guess. Andrew
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    Truck Mount Vise Lubricant?

    I agree with Nige. I was going to suggest spray graphite. Andrew
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    Welding the swing cylinder

    If you try to braze it, be sure that the cylinder is sucked in so you don't damage the seals on the piston. Andrew
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    Insley H875 track chains

    Another (crazy!?) idea...find a wrecker where you can buy a complete lower section (or a dealer that sells amphibian bottoms) and swap the complete bottom. No idea on matching up drive for the tracks though! Andrew
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    Insley H875 track chains

    Can't help too much I'm afraid. Thoughts: - I'd be changing the gears and roller chains while you have it apart. Unless you want to do it when it breaks down in a mud hole....because it WILL wait until deep in the mud to break! - Change to a more common, modern track chain, sprockets, idlers...
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    D8 U-blade

    Here's some pics I saved of one someone was selling on kijiji. Andrew
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    Tie downs who needs stinkin tie downs

    Yup, same stuff here too. The fuel haulers add dye to it with an injection system when they fill their tankers. Should note though, that up here, "F" plated (Farm & Fish) vehicles ARE allowed to run dyed gas/diesel on the road. Andrew
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    D8 U-blade

    Here's a similar project: http://www.thecombineforum.com/forums/64-fabrication-diy-repair/247521-winter-shop-project.html Andrew
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    Fiatallis 11b

    Have you asked over on http://www.allischalmers.com/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=3&title=construction-and-other-equipment ?? A few guys on there that stock spare/parts machines. Andrew
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    Total truck rebuild.

    I thought a glider needed to be ordered with one of the driveline components? Usually that will be rear ends. Maybe they changed the rules? Andrew
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    Total truck rebuild.

    Yeah, I can see being $50k. When I looked into it a few years ago, it was going to be $70-80k including the engine. My understanding with the gliders is that if you want to buy a glider and get a junkyard engine to rebuild - that's where the problems come up because you have a new serial number...
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    Td8e repower

    A quick check shows the TD8e at 75hp, 2300rpm. A search on the 4BT Cummins, shows anywhere from 55-155 hp, 2300rpm, depending on setup. I'd be careful that the donor engine isn't in the 155hp range, or the driveline may not take it. Andrew