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    D6N transmission ?

    If it only has the problem in reverse it can only be a failed clutch or reverse solenoid problem. I would suggest checking screens for evidence of clutch material and if so, you may as well just pull it. If you post a picture of the screens on here we can probably help analyze it.
  2. AmerIndependent


    What Machine are you putting these tracks on. Do you have them on you or are you looking for some?
  3. AmerIndependent

    Cat D3C dozer transmission problems

    The first step for troubleshooting should always be to check the filters and screens. Cut open the filters and post pictures of your findings, we may be able to help.
  4. AmerIndependent

    D8k Transmission Oil change

    Any chance you could post a picture of the slivers?
  5. AmerIndependent

    1993 CAT D3 Trans removal

    Hey Arc Burn, What's your machine's serial #? I may be able to help find a rebuilt unit for you, or at least give you a quote to rebuild it.
  6. AmerIndependent

    Cat d6c torque converter overheating

    PCA16, good advice from Lonestar to test for flooding because if you have too much oil in there, no need to get out the gauges. The only thing we would add is that flooding is caused by one of three things: -Worn scavenge pump that can’t keep up with normal residual torque oil. -Excessive...
  7. AmerIndependent

    Snap On 3/4" Torque Wrench L72T 3/4 Ratchet Torque Wrench w/TQR600B Handle

    Just wanted to thank you for the wrench we purchased from you the other day. You made of our mechanics very happy. Thanks!
  8. AmerIndependent

    Lack of power with Cat 950B loader

    Glad we could help Chris! Hopefully it lasts!
  9. AmerIndependent

    1993 CAT D3 Trans removal

    Curious, who are you sending it to for repair? Would you like a quote for us to rebuild it for you? If interested, please provide the serial # of your dozer.
  10. AmerIndependent

    Caterpillar 639D - Twin Engine Water Truck

    We just sold ours. It's on a boat to Venezuela as we speak.
  11. AmerIndependent

    Snap On 3/4" Torque Wrench L72T 3/4 Ratchet Torque Wrench w/TQR600B Handle

    DBarron, is this still available? I'll take it!
  12. AmerIndependent

    Doosan Mega 250V - NTL Engine and Torque

    I have a buddy looking for an engine & torque for a 2006 Doosan Mega 250V. (Serial # 0V4104) Apparently they were stolen out of the machine a while back. Anybody have anything available? Anybody know of any engines that would work in it's place?
  13. AmerIndependent

    What year model is my 955L?????

    I recommend this site for determining the year of just about any Cat machine: http://www.ironrecord.com/ It seems to agree with badalton24 about the 1979 year.
  14. AmerIndependent

    Help with a 980B Transmission

    The 42H model transmission will not work in an 89P application without making some modifications. We have a rebuilt 980B transmission that will work for you if interested.
  15. AmerIndependent

    Help with CAT 950B transmission

    Send pics to: sales@americanindependentinc.com What kind of time do you have to get this machine up and running? I may be able to find an exchange transmission for you, or even better, possibly rebuild yours.