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    Caterpillar Excavator Buckets (D linkage and DB linkage 330c,330d)

    I am in search of attachments for 330cl excavators, D linkage. It seems the DB linkage on the newer 330 d's and possibly 336's have a 10mm larger pin diameter but similar bucket ear dimensions. Has anyone ever tried weld boring db linkage buckets to fit the old d linkage? Ultimately what I...
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    looking for buckets for our fleet of 330c excavators, these are getting hard to find so we want to stock up. We will consider anything that fits these machines. Roller wheel Compaction wheel Kelly wheel GP bucket Smooth bucket Frost Ripper Quick Coupler 54" Bucket 30" Bucket 60" Bucket
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    Where have all the track loaders gone???!!!

    :drinkup Sounds like a good deal!, I would really like to find a 98 or 99 963B, I have never seen any trackloader that could keep up with those machines as far as speed/ease of ownership is concerned. If someone else has, please enlighten me! :notworthy
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    Where have all the track loaders gone???!!!

    I have been trying to find a GOOD 963c or even a 963b on auctions for over 6 months now.... It seems they fell off the planet!!! Im sure there are plenty of dealers sitting on them that have them marked up 20%.... trying to avoid that.... I even missed the John Deere (Liebherr) 755C II's...
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    Machine Operating cost??? Per hour? Without operator?

    Dozierman, I started out in that environment and I remember thinking the same thing, why so cheap!? What I found out is the companies that are established keep the little hourly stuff around like digging basements, fine grading, etc. for the cash flow. They usually have bigger contract jobs...
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    John Deere 755c Running issues No Power

    How do these 755c measure up to a 963c cat? I sold my 963B which was a great machine looking for something a little newer to keep operators happy.... Thanks
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    Takeuchi Track Loaders

    Just sold a bobcat t-320 and it looks like the next best machine is either a TL250/Tl12 or a 299D? T770's are nice and the 870 power to size ratio doesn't seem to hot, just not feeling the bobcats after the t-320 experience....:cool2 Does anyone have experience with the newer "derated"...
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    Machine Operating cost??? Per hour? Without operator?

    Thanks for the good info guys!
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    Does anyone have any knowledge of a detroit 55 series engines?

    Looking at buying a couple dump trucks with these motors in them, they are blue and look very European.... almost duetz-ish:cool2 the tags say they are set to 365 hp. with 8LL trans. I have never heard of, seen, or run one of these motors in anything... Just wondering if they are ok, or if...
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    Machine Operating cost??? Per hour? Without operator?

    I was wondering if any veterans out there had put some time into what a machine costs to run per hour? Some rates will be variable such as fuel, Maybe you have a gallons per hour? Cat 953 Cat 963B track loader w/3116? Komatsu 300? Or any 30 metric ton machine size? (hydraulic excavator 2.5...
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    Will Komatsu Pc300 bucket interchange with anything else?

    Thanks Sharpy, I thought it looked close!
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    Will Komatsu Pc300 bucket interchange with anything else?

    factory komatsu pin type, what do you mean by cb type?
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    Wanted: 60" Digging Bucket for Komatsu PC300-3

    Looking for a larger sized bucket preferably 60" with teeth. Would consider a 54" with teeth.
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    Kobelco hydraulic excavators

    What is the bucket pin dimensions for a sk235 zero turn? any help would be appreciated.
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    Will Komatsu Pc300 bucket interchange with anything else?

    Anyone know what the bucket pin dimension on a kobelco LC235 is? komatsu 300 is metric but standard is roughly 20" boss to boss, 13 5/8 boom width, with 3.5 inch pins.