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Recent content by 63 caveman

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    A few projects I have done recently

    Every Goe report I have ever read (that cost a good bit of money) ends the same way."This Report does not guarantee the actual soils condition and is not responsible for any discrepancies" Often the report will show problems with the sight and I have to wonder if the PE even bothered to look at it?
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    Different transmission configurations

    Never heard of this before! I'm going to try that next one I do. I'm getting older and those dang things are getting heavier!
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    1997 Ford LT9000 tandem dump truck

    I've done a few of these transmissions but to be honest most the time it is best to have it done by a shop that do them every day. In my area there are a couple of shops and you just can't beet a guy that dose it every day. If they are not backed up they can turn it around in a couple days. Keep...
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    Picked up 2018 TB260 and have a couple of questions after looking it over

    That is one clean shop! Can I work there?
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    How to properly measure solenoid coil current.

    My memory is not what it used to be but if I remember correctly! I was working on a bobcat joystick actuator that was acting flakey. One of my multimeters (kline I think) on the Hz scale toggled to PWM %. With it back probed into the actuator I could see the erratic behavior of the signal. Not...
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    ECM Repair Shops

    fastline, You have a good eye! RobertJ, Glad your outfit is back running, Sorry you did not have the same satisfactory experience as I using there services.
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    Running my own Service Truck. Truck Build

    If you specialize in diagnostic and electrical and wiring repair you do not need a big service rig. If you are any good at it there is tons of work out there for you. Challenging work with good money in it with much less overhead cost.
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    I would go!
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    If I see Nige post it, I read it! Thanks Nige from me too!
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    ECM Repair Shops

    "I suspect that this ecm has a power delivery issue because last year it had a loose connection at the starter that caused a few issues. Its a spare that only gets used once in a while, worked fine a couple weeks prior then just wouldn't start when we needed it. I really thought mice got into...
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    Truck heating up

    So what ever happened? Did you ever get the truck fixed?
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    Should I buy this Cat 977H?

    Did you pull the magnetic filter on the transmission? I'm pretty sure there is one.
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    Anti-Seize compound usage?

    Living and working in the "rust belt" i get tired of extracting broken studs and bolts. I too use it on anything I may have to take back apart.
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    ECM Repair Shops

    I,ve used this shop https://truckecm.com/dallas/ Fast turnaround, reasonable price, and no problems. Very pleased with their sevicess would use them again.
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    End of year money:

    If I'm not mistaken the "big 20-40 ton Case" excavators would be linkbelts.