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Recent content by 63 caveman

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    I Need to put new wood on this trailer deck. Advice please.

    Do yourself a favor and put G rated tires on it. E rated tire are junk on a trailer IMO.
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    Total cost of ownership of 1-ton vs class 6-7 trucks

    A one ton diesel make no sense to me unless you are hauling with it. What I think has happened is "mini" equipment has gone from 6,000 to 7,000 lbs. to 10,000 to 12,000 lbs. and the one tons can handle that but the cost of running them is skyrocketing. I think the market for "medium" duty truck...
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    Big cylinder bench

    I've seen this bench in action, very sexy!
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    Acetylene torch experts I need some help

    I never back down (to zero) the regulator nether. But why is it so many people crank them up with a big tip to cut small stuff. 6 or 7 lbs. of gas and 20-25 lbs. of ox is enough to burn 90% of the stuff we do.
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    Seriously upsetting

    Boy I like to see good statistics on Brazil. It's my understanding that the government mandates E22 (that changes when in short supply) . Flex fuel vehicles are still the highest % of cars sold there with very few 100% alcohol/ethanol units being sold. I also read somewhere that 100% gasoline is...
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    Seriously upsetting

    One of my customers has a scrap yard and just last week he told me he got a letter from his insurance company not to except or attempt to "recycle" electric vehicles.
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    How to operate/control

    Like all equipment operators smooth is fast and great operators are three moves ahead of everybody else.
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    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    WOW! I don't expect something for nothing but charges like that boil my blood. I had the opposite thing happen to me on a stubborn cylinder. Took it to a new shop for me because it was New Years Eve only shop I could find open. It was a 3 hour drive and I didn't get there till 4:00 PM. He fixed...
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    Truck heating up

    If you think mechanics are sleazy wait till you start dealing with lawyers.
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    Hy-Tran, Rotella, Mobile or Traveler? Need Advice

    That would be hard to say and harder to prove. If seal failure is do to dieseling then the argument could be cavitation in pump from fluid.
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    Hy-Tran, Rotella, Mobile or Traveler? Need Advice

    In my mind you can do what ever you want to with you equipment but; If you hire me to repair or rebuild something on it, if you want to use some fluid that I am not comfortable with you will have to supply it and I will not warranty my work. And yes I have seen failures from wrong fluids.
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    Equipment/Truck files.

    It's also great for old guys that can't remember $hit to refresh our mind on the history of a piece.
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    Any Help with a Jaw Crusher and Screen Plant Preop Sheet?

    Not sure if I can help you but you may have helped me! Changing screens can be a real SOB. Next time I have to change them I'm going to loosen the tension and run the screen for a bit see if it helps! I already figured out to loosen the wedge on jaws and run big stuff through it (in reverse) to...
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    Truck heating up

    14 pages, half way there! I got one now with over heating under load. Did some testing Monday and could not find any problem in the shop. I will be moving equipment for them today to see if I can duplicate the problem. Fun, fun, and more fun.