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Recent content by 390eric

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    A D9G Follwed me home today "Ex Mashuda" machine

    I live about 20 minutes from the old Mashuda shop. Man that was a complex. If the car dealer, which was 5 minutes from it didn’t have they would call them. Mashuda usually had it in stock.
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    Just curious

    I have a few friends that have single axles that have been in the family for years. Here in Pittsburgh PA we have a lot of tunnels and bridges. Most of these old single axles you can see where the cab roll was cutoff at some point for paving either a tunnel or bridge. Need the clearance to...
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    A few projects I have done recently

    CM. Does that include a base station? If and when you you go to gps, make sure you work a good deal and try to get that base station and rover included with the dozer. Those mast less antennas look nice. Always forget about them, I snapped one off in a deep keyway once on the d8.
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    A few projects I have done recently

    The 6ns are nice machines. I Haven't been in a fully integrated gps machine yet. I'm young, just about to turn 30. I have run non gps machines, but the majority of my career I have been in or around them. I have seen the technology change and it's amazing what it can do and how far it has...
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    A few projects I have done recently

    I'm not sure if your 2012 have the same thing as my 2013 but in the dash computer and settings you can go in and set the wipers to do weird things. Like whenever u first start it automatically give a swipe. Maybe whatever controls that is malfunctioning. I know mine does some goofy things...
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    Barge unloading

    Digger242. I'm assuming you where down in the aliqquipa industrial park since you and I are only about 15 min apart. And it's one of the biggest in the area. It's amazing what they do. I actually interviewed with them just couldn't offer what I was making in the field. Pretty cool to...
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    Tell me about the machines you like in the 22-25 ton range!

    I had a kobelco 210 at a previous job. The problem with it was the boss sent it on a job that it was either too big for or too small for. Seems perfect for digging foundations or loading a small amount of dirt in trucks. Just general work. Too small to dig and stone a 20 foot piece of pipe...
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    Ford V-10 life estimate

    I have a friend with an 02 f350 v10. I always say that truck was built on a Wednesday. 250,000 and it's never been apart internally. Now exhaust manifolds leaking and spark plugs shooting out of it, that's another story. Kid beats the snot out of it and it keeps on ticking. Plows...
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    Komatsu Buying Joy Global

    Oh geez, my grandfather will be rolling in his grave. Worked for Joy for his whole life. Was a dedicated to that company till his end
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    Cat 740B bin not lifting.

    I had a 740 do that on me would only lift a couple inches then stop. I believe it was a solenoid somewhere that went bad. Cat guy ended up fixing it. Said it seemed to be a common problem. That was a regular 740 though
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    Help: Driveway / Basement / Leveling a hill

    How deep is the basement? That will be a lot of dirt to loose coming out of that hole. Are you planning on dozing the bulk of it and then digging corners with your backhoe? My game plan would be figure out your driveway and what you are going to do with what you have to strip off. If...
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    How big of machine for land clearing

    I wouldn't say its a boat anchor I never had I buried I couldn't get out but it is a big machine and will use fuel. Not sure how much you want to spend on your fuel budget. Have them checked out good if you are considering one with that many hours. There is a reason why a new 485 kobelco...
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    How big of machine for land clearing

    I have many hours in a kobelco 480. It's a big machine. She would burn that tank in a hard 10 hour It's big bulky and for clearing think might be a little too big in my opinion. 300 sounds good. We have a lot of the newer 350 kobelcos and those are awesome all around machines. Great...
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    A few projects I have done recently

    CM do you need any license to run mainline sewer and water in your state. Understand you dont have the experience to do it, just curious about the license. In PA about any contractor that wants to do mainline can just can't hook it up to the buildings like you say. And that is only in...
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    1973 Cat 955L

    Go look at it and take better pics to show us. Tracks look loose but you said it needs tensioners. It all depends on how much you are willing to put into it and how bast it is and what you want to do with it. That's how you determine the value