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  1. 361brock

    955L Flexible Drive Coupling Question About Replacement

    You can change the pucks from above or side, it's tight but can be done. Nick
  2. 361brock

    955L Flexible Drive Coupling Question About Replacement

    If your referring to the plates that the pucks are bolted to, the answer is no. They are separate pieces that are splined to the shafts. If they have excessive play, they will also need to be changed. If you don't check run out with dial indicator as Nige said, you will lose the pucks...
  3. 361brock

    Come along on two pipe wrenches

    I use a Rigid 5 ft pipe wrench to turn stubborn cylinder nuts. What is the amazing part is that after locating on jack stand I push the wrench with my backhoe until slight bow. Then I hold it that way and put heat and whack with sledge. Never fails. Nick
  4. 361brock

    Case 580 decision, SK vs SM

    I bought my SK from dealer when it was 3 years old with 900 hrs. I wouldn't buy it unless they converted machine to foot swing. They did it. I still have the SK but also have a SM with lever controls. The SM has very smooth hydraulics and feels heavier & stronger. Both have full cabs, the SM is...
  5. 361brock

    Traxcavator 60A ?

    The D333 in the 977H is a 6 cylinder, the 955H uses the D330 4 cylinder.
  6. 361brock

    Hitachi UH122

    I have a UH143/UH12 and it has the Hino engine. Was made for the euro market in 1985. I had it sent to New Jersey then to Staten Island. Was brand new, grey market, not available in USA at the time. Mine came from Holland, German writing on interior warnings. That Hino is one of the best running...
  7. 361brock

    Greasing turntable from cab.

    Your right Dave, especially the center joint with the rubber boot. I've heard of the seal on the Rotek bearing becoming dislodged from excess greasing. The most over looked grease point on any excavator is the the gear from swing motor. I can't believe how many owners of excavators don't even...
  8. 361brock

    Greasing turntable from cab.

    Just get one of those battery operated grease guns with a clip on end, use a spring loaded clamp on trigger, lay the gun on the deck and let her spin. Nick
  9. 361brock

    Case 580SK running 19.5x24 tires -can I change to 17.5x24?

    I've done this before, only down side is valve stem inside now, but does work. Nick
  10. 361brock

    Stump and Tree digging with 955

    Dig around root close as possible then make a ramp up tree with soil. That tree will fall no matter the size. Nick
  11. 361brock

    955L with governor issues

    D333c would be the 6 cylinder version of the 4 cylinder D330c which is what TC meant. Nick
  12. 361brock

    Cat 955

    Serial # 60A 3561 & up uses 11 gal in trans. Seems odd that earlier serial #60A up to 3561 uses 14 gal. Nick
  13. 361brock

    Cat 955

    That serial # would make your steering clutches & brakes oil cooled. Nick
  14. 361brock

    Cat 955

    Those 2 little peddles on either side of console are decelerator peddels Nick
  15. 361brock


    Not a regular 190, 190-4, That machine can do some heavy lifting, although kinda slow by todays standards. Those things were everywhere here in NYC anytime a big sewer job was going on. Now the rubber tired excavator has replaced most all RT backhoes on those types of jobs. Nick