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  1. shep450r
    looking for help to locate a hydraulic oil leak on 1800 scat trak
  2. Tinkerer
    Tinkerer Tysonsk
    You need to post this question in the skid-steer forum.
  3. 59muskeg
    59muskeg John C.
    Good morning John. The question regarding my PC150lc-6 should be posted. I could see the Komatsu style quick couplings. Looking at the manifold from the compartment door there are 4 of them in a vertical line in the left vertical row. I believe it's the top 4.
  4. 59muskeg
    59muskeg John C.
    John are you familiar with changing the pilot control pattern on a PC150LC-6 ? Trying to find out which 4 hoses to swap on the manifold. Thank you
    1. John C.
      John C.
      I have a diagram and photos of the pilot control manifold that shows the standard position of the controls. The Dash 6 pilot lines had quick couplers so they are easy to change. Why don't you post your question on the forum and I'll put up the info for all to see.
      Jan 12, 2019 at 5:40 AM
      59muskeg likes this.
  5. 245dlc
    uploaded more photos the last couple days on my photo collection thread. Some Koehring pictures on there too.
  6. kenworthauler
    I got a d20p-6 dozer its like new great machine 40hp was wonderind what fluid goes in trans and rear drives
    1. DoubleK
      According to the Operator's Manual I have for mine, engine oil goes in both. The rear drives are called 'final drive cases'. The book says that when the ambient temp is 32 F and above, use SAE 30. From 50 F and below, as in zero, use SAE 10W.
      Jan 7, 2019
  7. kenworthauler
  8. carogator
    retired, grouchy old man, knows not enough about too many things
  9. carogator
    carogator Elkaholic837
    please post in tractor loader backhoe section and you may be able to get some help. good luck. recheck your hookups.
  10. bail
    Hey, I'm new here and I thought I saw you have to have 3 posts for some reason. anyway I have a jlg 40 f boomlift I need some help with
  11. Razorsedge2003
  12. Elkaholic837
    I changed starter on my ford 555b now I lost power to cab... Please help
    1. tool_king
      Are you sure you did not leave a wire off .It is easy to do .
      Dec 30, 2018
  13. Elkaholic837
    Ford 555b newbee
  14. PetervaldezMech
    Having problems with a link belt excavator someone can help me???
  15. Funny farm
    Funny farm
    About ready to install the rebuilt 188. Fingers crossed it runs lol
  16. Pawho
    I have all kinds equipment for sale.
  17. Pawho
    I have bulldozers for sale.
  18. Matt580B
    Matt580B MDP
    Looking to delete DPF and DEF on 2017 Kubota SVL95-2s. Also DPF removal on 2018 Kubota U55 excavator. Can you do this?
  19. carogator
    carogator excavator
    carogator- Hello excavator, saw where you have manuals for HR28000. Have you been into the pressure regulator? I have a few questions about that section. Any help would be welcome. Thanks
  20. patrick necaise
    patrick necaise dirthog
    this is Patrick necaise I am having trouble with a 160 Kobelco hydraulics slow can u call me 228 493 0577 I am on forum