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  1. JimInOz
    JimInOz Aaron McGrew
    I saw your Brake posting on HEF.
    Try John at steeringclutch.com for new brakes & clutch parts.
    If I were you,I'd ensure the steering discs are all good....plus springs & other wear parts.
    Nobody wants to go in there again.

  2. blake.wisse
    blake.wisse sheepfoot
    "sheepfoot" wrote

    "I would go with a TLB first, 4wd/ 4x1 bucket/ flip over forks/ ex-tenda hoe. It may give you the most bang for your buck. You can run a hydraulic post hole digger..."

    Thanks buddy, 2006 JCB 3CX excatly as you mentioned... and love it. still learning. I'm pretty happy, you're advice was tremendously helpful
  3. willie59
    willie59 td25c
  4. Chuckq350
    970 Bobcat or M970 Bobcat Perkins diesel.
  5. Chuckq350
    970 Bobcat or M970 Bobcat
  6. Chuckq350
    FL-TRACK is a professional manufacturing company, focused undercarriage spare parts for Excavator and bulldozer for more than 20 years.
    Hello; I was wondering if you buy your parts from the dealership or do you look at all options?
  9. Jhessbautista
    Hello to all, im a new technician and i just want to know the functions of HMT PUMP A anb B, HMT MOTOR A and B for D155.. TNX
  10. Spyder1953
    hunting for a 8000 lbs 4x4 exboom. Want to get info from mechanics who has the best maintenance record. Leaning at Gehl and IR machines
  11. fast1buzz
    I am a retired heavy haul company owner and heavy equipment operator
  12. Bruce Currier
    Bruce Currier
    I have a 1986 JCB Backhoe/loader model 1400B need help on what type of break fluid and transmission fluid Thank you all!!
  13. davey1968
    I have a multi quip dps 130 sst air compressor when I bought there was no air regulator not sure how it goes back together anyone have pics
  14. Segovia
    Anbody know of any heavy equipment which can tow up to 27 Ton?
  15. Francis technician
    Francis technician
    what courses my pc 200 Komatsu work slow after ten minutes of working,boom cant lift up load
  16. primus
    Hello. We have a few 61M series CAT12G graders which we would like to update to 140G spec - adding a turbo to the 3306. Is it possible?
    1. DMiller
      Just adding a turbo does little if anything. Timing changes in the pumps with fuel delivery rate adjustment IF mechanical, computer adjustments if electronic, then the engine internals if compatible with higher fuel rate and pressures. A lot of variables a turbo alone will not do.
      Oct 5, 2018
    2. primus
      Thank you for the input.
      Oct 7, 2018
  17. Industria77
    i have a case 480 b front end loader, iam trying to figure the year. it has a sevin digit serial. thanks
  18. Allan L Vanderziel
    Allan L Vanderziel
    "We seem to have time to do it twice but never time to do it right"
  19. craneguy001
    Old crane nut
  20. Paul C. Lorusso
    Paul C. Lorusso dirthog
    Dirthog, my name is Paul Lorusso and we sell the Hyundai machines in MA. Do you know the problem with the HX compact excavators and why they are chattering? My cell is 774-994-1569. When the machine is in economy mode its as if it's in power mode. Anytime you bring the boom in close to the machine it just shakes like made. We never had this problem before and HCEUSA says they are unaware of it,. Thanks for any help.