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New Profile Posts

  1. Johnathan Stahley
  2. dozerin
    Hell Everyone, I m New here from India.
  3. mbavers
    retired, developing homestead, dump truck, dozer, backhoe.
  4. goodwithtools
    Cat D5C, with 12 volt system. Blowing fuses and no-start from ig. switch. If I jump start relay with starter button still no start. Any help
  5. thepumpguysc
    thepumpguysc Vince714
    No.. the inj PUMPS control the timing.
  6. ywidatu
  7. diesal
    2008 jcb 3cx backhoe. extending dipper doesn't work. joysticks . everything else work . relay makes flickering noise. any that problem
  8. Vince714
    Was wondering if a person needed to time a 2000 873 bobcat after replacing injectors
  9. Jmcm
    Need help pc40-7, lacks power in swing and blade function
  10. BrianGrenier
  11. boomer1958
    Need to rebuild swing arm cylinder on 1998 Cat 416 CIT. Anybody ever do this? Any Tricks?
  12. iowahill
    Ford 555 backhoe, split. Can the shuttle itself be pulled or is it linked internally to the gear box? Any help is much appreciated
  13. Willy 7
    Willy 7
    Trying to find out how to retrieve codes from a cx210
  14. DClearing
    Owner operator @ Daley Clearing
  15. hydraulicmic
    Cat312 C ; brake locked on slew and zero brake press we overode solenoid valve , is it ok to leave and what is purpose of solenoid
  16. Jenks
    Jenks Deereman
    deereman , 1964 John Deer450 dozer, lost the hydraulic function for the balde, trans works ,pump turns and no leaks any ideas?
  17. jim wilson
    jim wilson skata
    Saw you had a 506. Do you have any manuals or diagrams? I'm trying to fix a 505-22
    1. skata
      nothing in digital format. try looking on ebay.
      Jun 29, 2018
  18. Kenworthsmoke
    Tricks for installing Chalmers torque arms
  19. 0jibway
    Deere Oh Deere, Still hoping someone can help with procedure to calibrate speed sensors on JD700H ser 937740
  20. Tinkerer
    Tinkerer nicholasj
    Nicholas; you need to start a thread in the tractor/loader/backhoe section to get answers to these questions.
    No one usually replies to questions in profile posts.