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  1. Jake3
    Using skid steers to haul wood with rotating grapple heads
  3. Huffa
    Huffa sheepfoot
    Hi sheepfoot, I have a Case 1150E down in New Zealand with trans heat problem. No one here knows anything about them, from what I have read you do. Could you give me some advice if I give you more detail please? Thanks
    1. sheepfoot
      Hi Huffa! I would post this in the dozer or track loader section. there is several members that will answer back. Info needed ripper/winch/wide-long track/inside-c frame or push beams blade and type of material being worked. Is this a MC1150E Dozer.
      Feb 15, 2020 at 1:38 AM
  4. Case580King
    Case580King digger242j
    What happened to Squizzy? They seemed like your partner in crime
  5. Bob Davis
    Bob Davis
    delete this post
  6. michael brown
    michael brown
    Priestman Beaver excavator
  7. AKRiverrunner
  8. Marcus Wyatt
    Marcus Wyatt
    Just an old pipeliner
  9. rwellsauto
    CAT 259D Has anyone experienced water temps of 209 degrees even when outside temps are low Only does it at full throttle, fan seems slow
  10. Deere 210k
    Deere 210k
    210 k skip loader low pressure fuel
  11. Bob Davis
    Bob Davis
    I have a late 1979 Case580C extend a hoe. Where do I add lobe to the differential ? and is it 85-140 gear oil.
  12. james dunn
    james dunn
    I have a deere 650G lGP series IV all gears run through perfect and have plenty of power , but there is a lag between each transiton
    1. mg2361
      Hi James. You will need to start a post in the dozer section to get a quicker response. Make sure to post the serial number as well as a complete a description of the issue.
      Feb 4, 2020
  13. Petro24
    1994 GEHL SL6625SX
  14. Newguy
    Newguy toppen
    Hi, do you have a service manual for Hiab 335-4CL crane please ? my email is: fityfa@hotmail.com, thank you.
  15. TSemenuk
    TSemenuk digger242j
    I have a 3-page conversation that might be of interest to the forum members. Is there a way to post it and make it visible to all members?
  16. HardRockNM
    Proud new owner of an EIMCO 911B
  17. Mike Fryer
    Mike Fryer
    Earth moving rental
  18. JAdams
    Gone but not Forgotten
  19. Willie B
  20. Tubroos
    Got a whole load of cylinder seal kits in for my 580C - going to be busy this week...