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New Profile Posts

  1. JAdams
    Gone but not Forgotten
  2. Mike Fryer
    Mike Fryer
    Hi, I have a 520c dresser. Hydraulic transmission oil has been leaking from between the bell housing and the engine. Can anyone help?
  3. Willie B
  4. Tubroos
    Got a whole load of cylinder seal kits in for my 580C - going to be busy this week...
  5. toppen
    Hey. Please leave your mail I will try to help you
  6. ivan de cock
  7. lminter240
    Gray cab, and yellow boom and hood, thank you Lou
  8. lminter240
    Some body know what year is my Komatsu, PC 70- FR-1- serial 10210 yanmar engine made in japan
  9. Rockin Chair
    Rockin Chair
    We now live in Port Hardy BC
  10. Manicmech
    Wanted to shout out a big thank you to everyone for all of the help...
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  11. Byron fellows
    Byron fellows
    They are always breaking something
  12. Serkan ARSLAN
    Serkan ARSLAN
    We are manufacturer of pins & bushings for all brands.
  13. Hardtimer
    Hello I am new on here. I am in need of a parts manual for Caterpillar d6c s/n 74A^
  14. jackweathers223
    We provide various RV Accessories for your needs.
  15. Neil James
    Neil James
    Le Tourneau LS scoop, broke ejector return cable wanting to know how much tension to put on spring & how to hold while knock in cable wedges
  16. Kevin mcheimer
    Kevin mcheimer
    Needing some help on a allis chalmers 7g track loader
  17. matthew murman
    matthew murman
    I dig holes and then fill them in...
  18. ScottP
    does anybody have info or suggestions on winch seal kit for simon-ro TC-2800 WINCH MODEL #42131\
  19. AdamsExcavating
    AdamsExcavating DIYDAVE
    Can you send me some pictures of your adapter for the rc30?
    1. DIYDAVE
      Sorry, I can't Post pics. If you tell me which adapter, maybe I can describe it better. Most of the stuff I have built for it has been scrap steel, and cheap hydraulic components...
      Jan 10, 2020
  20. Tinkerer
    Tinkerer andretrim
    Post your questions in the skid steer forums.
    Very few members answer profile post questions.