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  1. daddieboy
    Hitachi EX200-2 completely dead no movement. the swash plate doesn't move. the machine will move only in limp mode.
  2. Benco
    The harder you work for things the more you appreciate it...
  3. Paul van der Wateren
  4. notsmart
    builder in Utah. Finally building our own home. Kinda counting on this old Case to help us out
  5. Justice Ras
    Justice Ras
    I have a case 580 sr backhoe.the hydraulic lose pressure and I have replaced 3 pumbs already to no avail.the oil rise temperature q
  6. El JJ
    El JJ
    Good morning everybody. Have a Mustang MTL20 that turns off when is accelerated from 0 to 100% fast. Any help?
  7. Richard Crissman
  8. mattscat
    have a cat259b3 after 100 ft starts to slow, barely moves, seems to have a slight miss or sputter at times dealer can't figure it out.
  9. Richard Crissman
    Richard Crissman
    I have a case 1840 trying to find the year JAF0247234, any help?
  10. Michael Foye
  11. asleiman
    asleiman Dave Neubert
    Love the picture with the kids. what machine in the background. I grew up around D7 17A
  12. Ronray
    Ronray TVA
    Hello TVA. Can you take a look at my new post entitled

    Boom Lift salvage yard

  13. BillG
    BillG Snorkel issues
    Give me your email and I will send a copy
    1. Snorkel issues
      Snorkel issues
      Sep 6, 2019
  14. NoobAsNoobGets
    Kubota SVL65-2 with 28 hours & I have no idea what I'm doing
  15. Muffler Bearing
    Muffler Bearing lj yazzie
    too many digits, not a valid code
    1. lj yazzie likes this.
    2. lj yazzie
      lj yazzie
      it has to do with the DEF system.
      Sep 5, 2019
  16. lj yazzie
    lj yazzie
    I have code on a 580sn t4b code 19879 does anybody have any info on this
  17. tool_king
    tool_king ncbschzzt
    Do you still want to sell the Isuzu tool? I sent you on a while back .You can message me here or email me at tool_king@hotmail.com
  18. julesy
    1993 580Sk 4x4
  19. DSC55
    DSC55 John C.
    Cat 235 excavator 64R01930 turntable grease zerk location
    1. John C.
      John C.
      It's taken me a bit to figure out how to reply to this. I think those had three fittings under the boom directly on the bearing. Two were remotes with piping going each direction on the circle to fittings at equal thirds of the bearing. The middle one went right into the bearing.
      Sep 2, 2019
  20. Tranzzission
    I'm looking for a backhoe mechanic in the Heart of Texas email me now at Vincentgutierrez2011@gmail.com