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  1. trevoratt
    All electrical equipment is made with a certain amount of smoke in it...once all the smoke gets out it won't work anymore.
  2. Sorry Sellick
    Sorry Sellick
    I have a Sellick MR937 with trans issues. Grinds in 1,2,3. Does someone have info on what trans is in here and where i might be headed
  3. Marina Orlova
    Marina Orlova
    Works with tree service companies doing tree removals for commercial, municipal, and utility work.
  4. eric carnahan
    eric carnahan rickscar
    Did you ever get a copy of that service manual for the 35d John Deere? I am working in the hydraulics of one and I need the schismatics
  5. DuncMul
    Working in Brisbane, Australia as Mechanical Fitter.
  6. tomas hercule
    tomas hercule
    what type of oil is most recommended for a 07 international 7600 with a Cummins ISM.
  7. challenger12589
    looking for a wiring harness for a toyota sdk7
  8. Mitchell Equipment
    Mitchell Equipment
    Mitchell Equipment Corporation
  9. rwoody6872
    Hello New to the forum.
  10. BHI Makeup
    BHI Makeup
    BHI Makeup Academy
  11. truckdriverMHH
    truckdriverMHH DefenderHD
    I searching for GOOD and TESTED Delete fls.flash file for flash by CAT ET Caterpillar 950M
    My WatsApp for chatting +380949489364
    Waiting for answer.
  12. phil-deere
    phil-deere t_dirt
    Good afternoon

    I have a concern connecting a Topcon controler Excavator on a Trimble base. You are looking familar with that and would like to discuss with you and see how you can help

    Contact me on my cell phone 514-232-5615 or on my Email at philippe.charbonneau@nortrax.com

    Thank you
  13. thepumpguysc
    U can contact me direct at>> thepumpguysc@aol.com
  14. chevy 1960
    chevy 1960
    I have a allischalmers hd 16 dozer,runs very good,under carriage is in good condition,,my name is Mark 419-631-3981 leave message
  15. Adam144
    case 580C
  16. grvlpt
  17. Alfredowt
  18. Chris Converse
    Chris Converse
    Considering a position operating Heavy Equipment
  19. Chris Converse
    Chris Converse
    Where as a Scrapper is a single piece of equipment with it's own power train ?
    1. DMiller
      A scrapper is a metals recycler, a Scraper is a Pan with a drive system. Pan covers any multitude of equipment from roll over boxes to full blown Earth Movers.
      Apr 22, 2019
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  20. Chris Converse
    Chris Converse
    Is a PAN basically a Scrapper that has to be pushed or pulled by another piece of Equipment ?
    1. Tinkerer
      In the world of heavy equipment a scraper aka a pan, is a machine that moves dirt. As D Miller said there are also other types of them. Do a Google image search.
      Apr 26, 2019