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  1. AlexTurner
    I'm looking at a 98 bobcat 337, 2600 hours, it operators good but the has a leak when turning table. What would be my worst case scenario?
  2. Angels
    problem with Chinese brand of a Hidow excavator cutting off the engine under load,you start it up again and runs fine but under load stalls
  3. Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis
    Doing it right the first time
  4. Chris robinson
    Chris robinson DougC
    Hey Doug, I noticed that you had put up a post about problems with a case forklift not going forward. We are having the problem with our 586E at work. It will go in reverse but not forward. Did you happen to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. This forklift has been in use for about 26 years and it hasn’t had a problem until now.
  5. Bigdozerfun
    Educational childrens video's using kids love of heavy equipment to help them learn about the physical world.
  6. lowbedlouis
    Hi I’m Louis from Holberg and WFP just received unit 2173 Challenger from port McNeill div.
  7. Chief Auto
  8. Sterling Callahan
    need in for on 299dxhp jstoo387
    1. John Weldon
      John Weldon
      Mar 13, 2018
  10. pdbigsky
    G_man: Have a Dresser TD7G and one brake gradually failed to turn machine. Cummins engine. What 'fix' will likely work?
  11. pdbigsky
    Have a Dresser TD7G and one brake gradually failed to turn machine. Cummins engine. What 'fix' will likely work?
  12. pedrocar
  13. man1122
    Bore repair
  14. Callahan
    I have cleared the heaviest jungles in Vietnam using a D7E with a Rome plow and cab and a Heister winch.
    1. td25c
      Mar 10, 2018
  15. Morgan Morgan
  16. JustinMorrow
    Having an issue with a telsta a28d boom. When raised up will begin to lower on its own intermittently, any solutions or ideas?
  17. Dodgewade
    Living the dream!
  18. Dodgewade
    Like to work on old vehicles and equipment.
  19. Oren
    Oren John C.
    Thanks John , I would sure like to have any maintaince info on this machine. It is old and much worn out. The front track idlers are shot but cant afford to replace. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  20. vishnu
    Hi, i have a 312C excavator and the hydraulics are not working , any ideas?