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sumitomo SH55U - Return Hydraulic Filter Element

Discussion in 'Compact Excavators' started by alrman, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. alrman

    alrman Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2009
    Diesel Fitter;Small Business Owner;Cleaner
    QLD Australia
    Anyone have an original part number or a mainstream aftermarket number (Donaldson/Fleetguard/Baldwin/Sakura/WIX) for the hydraulic filter for the above machine?
    I have searched all over & only found one on the internet for "Friday Spares" a US based company & their part number is their own.
    Because the machine is an grey market import here, the local Sumitomo dealer also has no information on it.

    I have searched using filter dimension sizes also on all major suppliers & come up blank....

    It is a canister type measuring L 158mm x OD 112mm x ID 70mm.

    The old filter could be refitted, but I know it is about 10yrs overdue, so a part of me just doesn't want to put it back.

    Grateful for any assistance :cool: