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Sinorck gives you the best self drilling rock bolts

Discussion in 'Lasers' started by heavy12, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. heavy12

    heavy12 New Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    Sinorock self drilling rock bolt integrates drilling, installing, grouting and anchoring as a whole. This special feature makes up for the requirement of the ordinary rock bolt so that the full grout body can be ensured.
    With the help of this full-thread rock bolt you can drill and grout in the broken rock and loose soil without casing and drill rod. Because of its convenience, reliability, efficiency and cost-saving self drilling rock bolts has been widely used for slopes, foundation pits, water conservancy projects and many other constructions with complex ground conditions.
    Compared with ordinary rock bolt self drilling rock bolt has a variety of advantages and will simplify the construction process to a large extent.
    Sinorock is a pioneer in the rock bolt field in China. All of their self drilling rock anchors meet the highest quality standards from their ISO certified factories. Many customers speak highly of their products and service. Now their customers are distributed all over the world. Sinorock has several advanced production lines and they also have Tensile Testing Machine to test the bar quality to guarantee all of the products delivered to customers are qualified.