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Ih Sideboom/pipelayer

Discussion in 'Dozers' started by tom999, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. tom999

    tom999 Member

    Aug 6, 2007
    Hi All,

    Please take a look at the attached picture,
    I am told it is an INTERNATIONAL DOZER with sideboom,
    No one seems to know much about the machine,

    Any of you know what model it is? possibly year of manufacture?
    lifting capacity ... etc

    many thanks,

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  2. d4c24a

    d4c24a Senior Member

    Jul 14, 2006
    side boom

    hello tom is that the one that is advertsed for sale in the truck and plant trader,have you any more pictures ...you could try the redpower site aswell
    cheers graham
  3. Hjolli

    Hjolli Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    I would say it´s an early IH TD25 or possibly a late TD24. From the early sixties.
    Op. weight of these dozers were some 30-35 tons (D8 class).
  4. surfer-joe

    surfer-joe Senior Member

    Mar 25, 2007
    I would say an early International TD25C. It has the rounded bullnose, unlike the earlier TD25B which had more squared off corners. So that would put it in the late sixties I believe, maybe even the early seventies. The roller frames and the lights are also dead give-a-ways that it's an IH.

    Maximum lift capacity would be about the same as a 583H from the same era, which is to say about 130000 pounds, probably with an 18 to 21 foot or even longer boom. Tractor weight was about 78000-85000 pounds, with an 18000+ pound counterweight. Horsepower probably about 285.

    As a pipelayer, this machine would likely not have seen heavy use. Pipelayers last for centuries it seems like because of this.

    This tractor is also set up for some adverse weather conditions. Cabs on pipelayers are rare in this country, more common in Canada and Russia. I notice the counterweight is dismounted as is the boom, not uncommon as this would have been required to move the tractor around on the highway. They may be stored elsewhere in the yard where the tractor is.

    As an International, the price ought to be fairly low compared to a Cat, and if someone need a good heavy pipelayer, it's probably a steal, so long as engine, transmission, steering and brakes, draw-works, and finals are OK.

    As for booms, if it is missing or badly damaged, there may be some booms that would fit this tractor around somewhere. Give Scott Jeter a post at; sjeter@sidebooms.com, Scott's a great guy to talk to and very knowlegable.

    You can also find some information at; http://www.midwescoind.com

    Also: Midwestern Manufacturing Company
    P.O. Box 3445
    Tulsa, OK 74101 USA

    2119 South Union Avenue
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107 USA

    Phone 918-446-1587
    Fax 918-446-6384


    Or: http://www.sidebooms.com/contact.html

    All of these should get you in close.

    Good Luck!