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D7G repair manual

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale/Wanted' started by OneWelder, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. OneWelder

    OneWelder Senior Member

    Apr 12, 2007
    Derry, New Hampshire
    Original Cat. Notebook in very good condition, with the following books inside
    D7G Service Manual
    D7G Tractor 44W 65V 91V
    45W 72W 92W
    64 V
    Engine sec 3306 vehicular engine for D5B, D6D and D7G engine ser. 3N, 8Z, 44V, 10Z, 47Z, 13Z, 49Z, 62Z
    D7G power Train 44W1-up 45W1-up 64V1-up 65V1 up 91v1-up 92V1-up
    Vehicle systems 173, 183, & 193 Hydraulic controls ser. 173 183 193
    20C1-up 27A1-up 42V1-up
    28A1-up 41A1-up
    Operators Station 64V ,65V, 91V, 92V, 44W, 45W, 72W
    Maintenance Direct Drive 64V1-up 91V1up 45V1up
    Lubrication power shift 65V1-up, 44V1-up, 92V1-up 72W1-up