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Thread: The Ultimate Medium Dozer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggixxerjim View Post
    I cant think of many ways to improve the dozer category. Some real great machines out there right now. But excavators...

    Those are probably next Steve said we would beat this one to death then start on something else.

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    I don't think there will ever be an ultimate dozer but from a mechanics perspective I can think of some things I'd like to see in the current production units.

    I think there needs to be some kind of winching mechanism that works from inside the cab for the belly pans. I don't know how many hundreds of hours I've put in pulling a pan to change a hose and then jacking or stringing come alongs and chains underneath to get the thing back up. And on that vein why isn't there some kind of adapter that I can use on the machine for dragging tracks on with. Something on the blade maybe or can be mounted on the hard nose so I don't have to use another machine and a 150 feet of chain or cable.

    I'd like to see equalizer bars with a center pin mechanism that doesn't have to be jacked in and out with a forty ton hollow ram. I'd also like to see a lot more useful life out of the bushings and pins. I do like the cannon style track frames on the big machines. I hate the suspended undercarriages because they add tons of cost and complexity and I haven't yet figured out yet how they make the dozer more productive.

    I want to see a hard nose that bolts on. That stupid pin setup they use now is guaranteed to work loose between 5,000 and 10,000 hours. Usually I don't hear that there is problem until the fan catches the guard and tries to stuff it through the radiator cores. The fix requires pulling the front of the machine apart, welding the bores, machining them and installing all new pins and bushings. I never had probems with the old D8 and D9 dozer hard noses coming loose. This issue I feel is one of those engineering for failure things previously mentioned.

    I have seen swivel seats in dozers and found that they get broken with about twice the frequency of standard seat suspensions. I would like to see seats designed for really big people. I really like the air suspended seats.

    I do like the new electronic diagnostics in the Cat dozers because they tell you what is wrong and I don't necessarily have to buy a $1,000 service manual or hook up to the internet to figure it out. On the other hand I really don't like that I can't make the engine perform to my specifications or that I have to call out a dealer wrench at a $1,000 a day and still don't get the thing running and still have to pay or they shut off my parts supply.

    That's all I can think of for now but I'm sure there are better minds out there that can improve on my list.

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    Why not hace a CCTV on the rear of the big boys with rippers? The Volvo ADT's I drive all have them, they are great for the greenies, and having a CCTV on a ripper would eliminate the need for a swivel "Captain Kirk" chair.

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    Does a guy with a mere 56 hours in a D6N get to chime in (howdy fellas!)? If I remember correctly, Deas called it a "chicken switch" when I was seeking some guidance here before. Does that chicken switch need to be so touchy? I swear, have any of you fellas had your teeth rattle like mine the first time you tapped the skids? I know, all you guys don't use brakes...but the first time?
    The sliding windows (only 3000 hrs.) rattled so hard I had to use empty water bottles squeezed in to quiet them down. Now I ain't no peach, but for you long hour fellas the isolated cab mentioned before in a previous thread would sure be a nice feature if I made my money like you folks.

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    I am with stump jumper. The ultimate dozer needs a buddy seat. That way when I come home after being in rock all day and tell the wife how tired I am and she just laughs, with the buddy seat and a lockable seatbelt she could know how I feel sometimes. Lol. Also do something with the platforms, it is just a place for dust to collect and every time you shut the door it just pushes more dust in the cab. A full suspension operator station (seat, controls and armrest)like they have in the new ag tractors would also be nice.

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    Belly pan winch:

    I think there needs to be some kind of winching mechanism that works from inside the cab for the belly pans. I don't know how many hundreds of hours I've put in pulling a pan to change a hose and then jacking or stringing come alongs and chains underneath to get the thing back up
    Man... you got that right... I've been trying to get something figured out just
    like you suggested. We've got a JD 750c, and I doubled the thickness on the
    bottom... welded 5/8 plate on both pans... afraid of putting a big ding in one
    from a rock. They're heavier now... but they were too heavy to mess with
    originally. I usually remove them both every year to clean them... pine needles, sticks, grass, or anything burnable; do a lot of fire work and I don't
    want anything in the pans to catch on fire.

    The front one isn't too bad... but the back one is horrible to get back on by
    your self... and it's usually "by your self"... Just mention "belly pan", and it seems you become the only living person on earth...

    I can put a bar across the c-frame and use the blade to lift the front one up
    (6-way)... but the back one needs to go in at a slight angle and then up.

    I think I've got a winch system figured out, and I'll explore the concept the
    next time I tilt the cab.


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    The only thing I can think of is purley convienience stuff. I don't run small stuff, I spend most of my time on a D10T. I would like to see some sort of a deep tray that runs the length of the rear window, for storing stuff. I work a 10- 16 hour shift depending on the day. I take a jacket, lunchbox, and a gallon water jug. My biggest complaint especially with Komatsu, is that they don't have adaquit storage. I would also like to see tool boxes mounted outside somewhere.
    The T model has handy little storage straps, but they wear out and are kinda akward to use. As far as the other stuff the T is tops as far as I'm concerned. Would also like to see a from the factory mounted slope meter on the RIGHT side as the seat faces this direction anyway. Love the padded knee area and the air ride seat, just wish the seat bottom it's self would tilt forward to relieve pressure on the back of your legs.
    I also agree with who ever posted something about heavier as opposed to larger. That T is a horse, if it were heavier I think you could get longer more productive pushes, with out spinning out. Oh yeah, I'd like a 6pack and a burger too!
    Eat beef, use copper, and ship by truck. Greetings from copper country.

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    hey guys i think maybe a tilt seat for batter work insteard of sitting on the arm rest.thats about it morgan

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    gday all, someone mentioned earlier about having the armrest with seat (all as one) like what is used in ag tractors, it is good but Cat would have to beef it up a lot to take the rough treatment that the larger dozers would give it. I have a Cat tractor and I see they have now used the dash out of it in a lot of earthmoving gear and it seems durable but if they used the armrest without major work on the chassis, it would be a disaster.I totally agree on the belly plate, they are a pain in the a#$% and something should have been done decades ago. For a start the hinge on them should be on the inside so they cannot get damaged(in saying that I only have a 9L so maybe they have changed). I better leave it there cos Im a farmer and I might winge all day!! Cheers.

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    I have a strange idea for cat... what the hell is with not having cupholders in some machines? Our 312B has a sweet cupholder... but my new 973C has nothing? Also if cat would rework the inside of their clutch brake setup dozers like an older Komatsu it would be perfect. Put the throttle on the left hand side of the seat. Our old D85's I can put my feet up on the dash and do my dozing with just my hands. Transmission, steering and throttle all on the left hand and blade with the right. The perfect setup for me.

    And on a side note.... if they could work it in that my machine had more power but used about 100 gallons less fuel a day that would be great too......

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    Offer a Sealed version for Swamp Buggy applications.


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    I sat on a new D155 today. My advice to all the manufactures of large dozers is. Move that seat over to the left like it was on the older cats. I wish I could show the engineers why. The other option is moving the blade forward.

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    Talking My Perfect Dozer.

    Hey guys,
    Here's a few things I would like added or changed to make our life at work more comfortable and convenient. Design engineers should have to spend a few full 12+ hour days in machines and realize that we spend more time in them than we do at home. I've been running dozers for 29 years, and am a finishing operator.
    Anyways, my list...

    I would like it to be fully hydrostatic like the small john deere dozers. I love being able to turn on a dime in tight areas. I don't do it very often and in fact I'm more known for making 6 or 8 point turns just to avoid making ruts, but in some spots you don't have that option.

    Get rid of the clutter!!! I'm thinking about shoveling tracks with this one. Nothing worse than constantly hitting bolt heads, lift eyes, lips, etc when you are shoveling tracks. Please keep the surface smooth. Give us enough room under carrier rollers and sprockets to get a track shovel in sideways. Move the track tightener access so it's not right in the way of cleaning around rollers.

    First of all Sound Suppression. I'd like to be able to hear myself think and be able to understand what's being said on the radio/2way/phone without stopping the machine to listen. I don't think it would be too difficult to add a little more padding to the walls and floors to accomplish this.
    More storage space!!! Seems to me that cabs have gotten smaller over time. With me in the cab I need room for the following. My lunch kit, 2 liter thermos, bottles of water, windex, paper towel, can of WD40, and a can of contact cleaner. (which I need to clean gps receiver cable ends sometimes) As someone above mentioned, a tool box mounted outside of the cab would be fine for storing some of these things. And there's always little extra's you carry with you that there is no proper place to store.
    I would like to see things like cup holders, ashtrays, little storage pockets (think cigarettes) put into 5"x5" modules that can be switched around and located (plugged in) on either side, wherever the particular operator wants them. I happen to be left handed so an ashtray on the right side and cup holder on the left just sux for me. If I had the ability to locate that ashtray to the left (just above the steering lever), I would be able to keep my floor a lot cleaner.

    This is more wishfull thinking than anything because I don't know how realistic it would be. I would like to see the blade angle more. In wet material like the silty clay I am working in right now, I can't get it to roll off the blade. If I could angle the blade a little more it would sure help.
    I would also like to see a hydrolic wing that lowers from either side of the blade for trimming up ditch toes, etc.

    I would like to be able to hydrolicly move the entire track frames forward and back a few inches. This way you could set them depending on what you were doing. If you were bulking dirt, you would move the tracks back giving you more weight on the front end for digging. If you are trimming, then move the tracks forward to be more stable on the front end. I just got a D6T a few days ago with a taller heavier blade and it seems a little front heavy compared to the D6R I've been running for the past year. Moving the tracks forward slightly would fix that. This could only work on high drive machines but it would be a nice option.

    Some machines already have this, but some (like the D6's) don't. I would like the ability to set certain things like responsivness, hydrolic speed, aggressiveness, and the ability to disable cat's quick drop [feature?]
    But I don't want it permanently disabled. Sometimes I need that feature (a quick jerk) to get this wet material off the blade.

    Anyways, I don't want you to think that this is just a bitchfest. All the equipment has come a long way since I started running it so long ago, and overall I'm quite happy. I just happen to be a critic so usually only point out the bad things
    Overall I love all the new technology.
    Please excuse my spelling/grammar mistakes.

    And if you are with CAT, feel free to invite me down to the cat proving grounds sometime ;P (somewhere warm when it's slow here in the winter would be great)


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    Move seat to the left side?????????????????????????

    Hi, Dozer 575.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dozer575 View Post
    I sat on a new D155 today. My advice to all the manufactures of large dozers is. Move that seat over to the left like it was on the older cats. I wish I could show the engineers why. The other option is moving the blade forward.
    Yeah, I wish you could too. Why don't you explain your reasons? For mine it is still a little left of center and slanted to the right to make it easier to look round at your ripper or anything else you might be working with behind you.

    To be perfectly honest, I manage to adapt my operating to wherever I happen be sitting. I have operated centre-sit graders and loaders, left sit 'dozers and scrapers and a right-sit excavator all in the same day. No problem.

    Might that be 'cos I don't really KNOW where I'm at so it doesn't bother me being all switched around? LOL.

    And just how is moving the blade forward going to improve things? The further ahead of the machine the blade is, the more it moves up or down as you go over a bump or through a dip, thus making it harder to follow and control. Sure you might be able to see the ground behind the blade a bit more but I have done some of my best dozing with D9G's and H's where the closest point to the ground that you could see on the back of the blade was about 10" above the ground. On most 4wd compactors, it's way more than that and some people can do a great job with them.

    Just my 0.02.
    You have a wonderful day.
    Best wishes.
    Deas Plant.

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    I agree with deas, moving the blade ahead would make the machine touchier. I'm not sure but it probably would mess with the weight balance of the machine. I can see it messing with the tracking of the machine when you have the blade angled. What your doing is increasing the length of the lever that is shoving you sideways without increasing the ability of the dozer to resist that force.

    If you really need to have a visual marker for your blade to ground contact, park the dozer on a level patch of gound / concrete, and paint a mark that lines up to where you can just see over the track. Or better yet, get a feel for your kitty.

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