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Thread: Hitachi UH083 What should I know about them?

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    I owe you guys an update at the very least. My heavy equipment mechanic and I went to the auction this morning. The weather was foggy but pleasant for Michigan in January. The mud... that's another story.

    The sale was not an equipment sale but rather a low rent auction that should have been a yard sale. Turns out the guy who owns the property where the sale was held was selling a bunch of household items along with a 1963 XKE for a friend who had the stuff stored there. The residence owner had recently experienced a stroke and decided to include the Hitachi in the auction along with a few pieces of small farm equipment. After enduring two and one half hours of watching household goods being sold they finally got to the excavator.

    The excavator turned out to be a 1986 model and included a mechanical thumb, owners manual and service manuals (no parts manual). After a brief demonstration, I opened the bidding at 10k. After much waving of arms and gnashing of teeth by the auctioneer I own the old girl for 21k. Now I have to wait until frost restrictions are lifted to take the lowboy up there and bring her home.

    As a side note. Both of the owners sons (in their 50's I reckon) offered their congratulations and assured me that they thought I got a "hellava deal". They seemed genuinely sorry to see it go but realized it was time. The bonus came with the manuals! I have all of the service records and receipts on the machine back to 1992!

    Oh yeah Tonnes. the seat is a little ragged and you know the machine has an onboard compressor....
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    Stuff that gets old anyway might be your ports of call for a while, ie oils seals, radiator hoses, etc. That goes with owning any machine just a bit more on an older one. Just been replacing oil seals on a Massey 3090 around the gear change levers - nothing leaking to lots leaking in a very little while. Big drive train sump so cost a bit in lost oil when you develop a leak. Servicing other stuff nearby while replacing and will replace second seal on other shift lever although only weeping at this time.

    Hope it spends more time in the field than in the workshop. Worked at Hayo Went Ha on Torch Lake a couple of times!

    Regards, MX45.

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    Yep, it should be driven off the back of the alternator. You done good, congrats
    Just a little side note cause the memory aint quite so good. The UH083 I operated was one of the first sold into NZ(1983).There machines were worked real hard compared to to day. We used to swing a 2 yard bucket when ever possible and only used the standard bucket for rock,demolition and drainage. The Jap's got pretty concerned about the way the machines were being treated and sent a bloke out with a sonic tester to go over all Hitachi excavators in the country. At that time none had cracked anywhere. Hitachi had 97% of the NZ market in those days.
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    Congrats! Fine machines. First excavator I ever bought for my gold mining operation. Now I have
    an EX200LC and a EX300LC but my favorite is still the 'ol UH083.
    Simplistic operation and excellent on fuel economy. They just keep going.
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