I have been lurking here for a long time but just never needed to post. Most everything I wondered about has been covered in existing threads until now. There is very little info here or anywhere on the net that I can find about the old Hitachi equipment.

I'm thinking of buying a UH083 for use on the farm taking out fence lines, removing stumps [rarely over 30", normally 10 - 15"] occasional excavation for foundations or basements and cleaning of drainage ditches. The old girl has a 42" bucket with a mechanical thumb, as far as I can tell it's not the LC model and shows less than 3,000 hours!?!? Pins and bushings seem tight, it tracks straight and the swing seems tight. The undercarriage looks pretty good and I can almost believe the 3,000 hours showing [still skeptical though].

I would like to hear from you guys who know what the good, bad and ugly is about this machine.